Oldtimers picture gallery. Cars. Ford (Germany).
1930 - on, Ford Werke AG., Köln (Cologne), Germany.

Ford-A, 1930-1932, 3,3 Liter, 8k photo from Mobile.de
Ford-AF, 1930-1932, 2,2 Liter
Ford-Köln, 1932-1936
Ford-Junior, 1933? , yet image only, 76k, (the same as Köln?)
Ford-Rheinland, 1933-1936
Ford-Eifel, 1935-1936, only 74k b/w photo, with Ford-Köln on the background
Ford-Eifel, 1936-1939
Ford V8 G48, 1935-1936
Ford V8 G74, 1937-1938, 2,2-liter
Ford V8 G78, 1937-1938, 3,6-liter
Ford V8 G81, 1938-1939, 3,6-liter
s.gl.E.Pkw., heavy military car, coproduced by Ford (Köln) in 1939-1941, 1901 built by Ford
Ford G93 A Taunus, 1939-1942, 1948-1951.
Post-war models:
  Ford-Taunus Migo cabriolet, 1951, 78k, 95k and 92k, courtesy of the owner, Liam Maher, Ireland.

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