Oldtimer gallery. Cars. Polski FIAT.
1933-1939 Panstwowe Zaklady Inzynierii, Warsaw, Poland.

Polski FIAT-508 III, 1935-1939, 4cyl-995cc-24hp, ? built
Polski FIAT-1100 PZInz, 1937-1939, 4cyl-1089cc-32hp, few thousands built
Polski FIAT-518, 1936-1939, 4cyl-1944cc-45hp, 1200 built
Polski FIAT-1500 PZInz, 1937-1939, 6cyl-1493cc-43hp, 800 built
Polski FIAT-508 "Junak", 1933-1935, 4cyl-995cc-20hp, ? built
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