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126k image of 1935 Polski FIAT 508 III
1934 Polski FIAT-508 III

Years of production: 1935-1939
Overall production (Poland): ? (plus in 1937-1939 about 600 vans and pickups)
Engine: 24hp/3600rpm, 4-cyl, 4-stroke SV, 995cc
Bore/Stroke: 65/75 mm
Compression ratio: 6,3:1
Length: 3515mm, width: 1400mm, height: 1380mm
126k image of 1935 Polski FIAT 508 IIIWheelbase: 2300mm
Road clearance: 160mm
Front and rear wheel track: 1400mm
Gearbox: 4 speeds + rear
Hydraulical brakes
12 Volt electrics
Weight: 720 kg
Maximal speed: 85 km/h
Tyres: 4,40 - 17(?) inches
Fuel tank capacity: 31 L
Petrol consumption: 7.0-8.5 L/100km
Price: ? Zlot
This car was built under license from Italian FIAT-508 Balilla.
The car on the 126k upper color picture is not Italian car, this is 1935 Polski FIAT 508 III series, owned by M.Zahradka from VCC Kladno. Image is taken from "Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia.
12k rear view and some data here are taken from Automobile History Pages, Poland (article by Dariusz Piecinski).
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