Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Nash. (only 1917-1945 here)
1917-1942, 1946-1957, The Nash Motors, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

In 1946 the production was re-started, but this is topic for another sites...
For 1934-1936 "junior" models see also LaFayette
1942 Nash, 85k and 100k photo of Nash 600 from the owner - Rick Baize (USA) (1942 Nash homepage)
1941 Nash, 31k photo of business coupe from Classic Car Mall
1940 Nash, 15k image of convertible from eBay.
1939 Nash, 19k image of 4-door Slipstream Sedan from Hemmings Motor News
1938 Nash (3810 Lafayette, 3820 Ambassador Six, 3880 Ambassador Eight)
1937 Nash (3710 Lafayette 400, 3720 Ambassador Six, 3780 Ambassador Eight)
1936 Nash, 60k photo of Nash 3648 sedan from eBay.
1935 Nash (3520 Advanced Six, 3580 Advanced Eight, 3580 Ambassador Eight)
1934 Nash, 92k and 86k photos of Nash 1282-R r/s coupe of Ken Bonner (UK).
1933 Nash, 12k image of 1127 Big Six 4-door Town Sedan from Trader Online
1932 Nash, 27k front- and 14k rear view of 990 Sedan from Thunder Network Technologies
1931 Nash, 51k photo of Nash 870 coupe from eBay.
1930 Nash, 28k image of 4-door Sedan
1929 Nash
1928 Nash
1928(?) Nash. Submitted by: Harry, Bonnie & David (Chicago & Pennsylvania, USA), thanks, Bonnie!
1927 Nash Six, 15k image of Victoria Coupe from Kruse International
1926 Nash, 17k image of 4-door Touring Sedan from Hemmings Motor News
1925 Nash Six, 21k image of Roadster from Net-A-Car
1924 Nash Six, 9k image of 4-door Touring from autoX.com
1923 Nash Four, 23k image of 4-door Convertible from Kruse International
1919 Nash Six, 19k image of Touring from Specialcar Magazine
1918 Nash, 56k photo from The Belmont Group
Nash passenger car production:

Years 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 Cars 30834 14973 23616 35184 43070 85949 32017 65662 63617 80428 5428

What else in the net:
Baize's 1942 Nash Page (USA)
Nash Car Club of America (NCCA)
Nash GB Site of Ken Bonner

Thanks for help to Rick Baize (USA), NCCA member, owner of 1942 Nash (homepage).

Rubber gaskets for a 1939 Nash Ambassador 6 are needed. Please E-mail to Arthur Calkin, Maine, USA. Thanks.
Thanks to Albert Kopans for powerful assistance.
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