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41k photo of NSU-Quick Damenmodell93k photo of 1938 NSU-Quick Herrenmodell17k 1936(?) photo of NSU-Quick (Th-73452)

Years of production:
1936-1942, 1945-1949
Overall production:
over 100000 units (Quick + Pony)
3hp/4700rpm, 1-cyl, 2-stroke 97cc
Bore/Stroke: 49/52 mm
Compression ratio: 6,0
Magneto ignition
Length: 197mm, width: 72mm, saddle height: 77mm
Wheelbase: 120mm
Tubular frame
Gearbox: 2 speed
Weight: 63 kg
Maximal speed: 55 km/h
Tyres: 26 x 2,25 inches
33k photo of 1941 NSU-Quick Military model82k WW2 photo of NSU-Quick (IS-223007), Hitlerjugend58k photo of NSU-Quick DamenmodellFuel tank capacity: 7,5 Ltr.
Petrol consumption: 2,2 Ltr./100km
Price (Herrenmodell): 290 RM
Frame numbers: no data, but they are 7-digit, beginning from 1 (or 4?).

More pictures:
NSU Quick Herrenmodell, motor, left view, 82k photo
NSU Quick Damenmodell, motor, right view, 70k photo
79k photo of 1938 NSU-Quick Herrenmodell42k photo of 1938 NSU-Quick Herrenmodell74k photo of 1938 NSU-Quick DamenmodellNSU Quick Damenmodell, left view, 58k photo
NSU Quick Damenmodell, right view, 58k photo
NSU Quick Damenmodell, left view, 54k photo
NSU-D Quick prospect (1936 or 1937), 32k photo
1939 NSU Quick Herrenmodell, frame plate, 21k photo
1939 NSU Quick Herrenmodell, place on the frame where this plate is, 18k photo
1942 NSU Quick Herrenmodell, frame, 16k photo
NSU Quick prospect, engine slice, 13k drawing
NSU Quick, gearbox, 12k photo
NSU Quick poster, 1939, 12k photo

Photos are from:
eBay Deutschland.
Mobile.de, Germany.
Svet Motoru magazine, CSSR.

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