Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. M-72.
M-72 - ZiS (Moscow), GMZ (Gorkii), IMZ (Irbit), K-O (Harkov), KMZ (Kiev).
M-72K, M-72M - IMZ (Irbit)
M-72N - KMZ (Kiev) (and IMZ (Irbit)?).

27k photo of 1952 M-7234k photo of post-1944 M-7248k photo of M-72N
(data for 1949 M-72 without sidecar)
Years of production: 1941-1943 preliminary M-72, 1944-1956 M-72,
1954-1960 M-72K,
1956-1960 M-72M, 1956-1959 M-72N
Overall production: ?, approximately 6000 in 1941-1945
Payload: 300 kg in one manual, 3 people + 100 kg
(with sidecar) in an other manual
Length: 2380/2420mm, width: 1590/1600mm, height: 1000/980mm, saddleheight: 720mm (all dimensions are for sidecar bike)
30k photo of 1952 M-7285k photo of M-7286k 1944 photo of M-72Wheelbase: 1400mm
Road clearance: 130/135mm
Engine: 22hp/4500-4800rpm or
M-72K - 27hp/5000rpm
2-cyl., 4-stroke SV with
horizontal opposed cylinders, 746cc
Bore/Stroke: 78/78 mm
178k 1941 photo of M-7276k photo of M-72K12k photo of early civilian version of M-72Compression ratio: 5,5 : 1
Carburettor: K-37, K-37A from 1950
Ignition system: battery 3MT-7 or
3MT-14, 6 Volt, 7 or 14 Amp*h except
M-72K Magneto
Interrupter-distributor type: PM-05
Generator type and power: G-11; 6V, 45W, G-11A from 1952 onward
52k photo of M-72M22k photo of M-72113k drawing of 1949 M-72, right sideRelay-regulator: RR-1, RR-31 from 1950
onward EXCEPT M-72K none fitted
Bobbin: KM-01, IG-4085 from 1950
Spark plugs type: A 11/11; M14 X 1,25

Headlight: FG-6
44k photo of M-72M69k photo of M-7245k drawing of 1949 M-72, up viewSignal horn: SM-01 or SM-02, S-35A
from 1950 onward
Clutch: dry twin plates
(the very early model - one plate)
Engine cooling: air
Gearbox: 4 speed with hand and foot shift
Ratios: I - 3,60, II - 2,28, III - 1,7, IV - 1,30
89k photo of 1956 M-72M, non-original exhaust63k photo of 1956 M-72M, non-original exhaust57k photo of 1952 M-72Differential ratio: 3,86, 4,62 from 1944 onward
Front suspension: telescopic type with
hydraulic shock absorbers except on
M-72N leading link type
Rear suspension: telescopic type
Frame: tube type
Mechanical drum brakes on front and rear wheels
Weight (fuelled): 225 kg (solo), 350 kg (with sidecar)
Maximum speed (with sidecar): 85 km/h except M-72N 90 km/h and M-72K 120 km/h
Tyres: 3.75-19 inches, wheels are interchangeable
Tyre pressures (atmospheres): front - 1,5-1,8, rear - 2,0-2,5, sidecar - 1,8-2,3, spare - 2,0-2,5
Fuel tank capacity: 22 L
Fuel consumption (with sidecar): 7 L/100km under 50-60 km/h
Engine oil capacity: 2 liters
Oil consumption: 0,25 L/100 km
Transmission oil capacity: 0,8 liters
24k photo of 1952 M-72101k photo of 1956 M-72M, non-original exhaust106k photo of 1956 M-72M, non-original exhaustDifferential oil capacity: 0,175 liters

In 1941 M-72 production began in Moscow (ZiS), at the end of 1941 equipment was moved to Irbit, where IMZ appeared. Some amount of M-72 has been produced in Gorkii (repotedly only assembled from Moscow parts).
Since early 1950's - available in shops. Before that time they were only for army.

My great gratitute for kind contribution to M-72 specialists:
Vladimir Kolotovkin (Moscow, Club RKKA, VARS, all the photos from WW2 are from Vladimir),
Ronald Smith (specialist on M-72 from Montreal, Canada), Ronald helped me too much with photos and data.
Benno van Ham, Secretary of Dutch Ural Dnepr Club Nederland (Breda) and
Vladimir Haski (Pyatigorsk, Stavropol region, Russia).
Also thanks for the photos to Innokentii Vladislavlev from Penza, Russia, owner of pictured 1956 M-72M and to
Thomas Schreiber from Germany (1952 M-72).
"Atlas konstrukcii sovetskih motocyklov", Mashgiz, Moscow, 1950.
1942 Soviet M-72 parts manual,
1954 East German,
1954 Czechoslovakian, and
1956 Polish M -72 maintenance manuals.
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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