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1939-1940, VTZ (Vojno Tehnicki Zavod), Kragujevac, Yugoslavia.
All the data on this page are from Maslacak Vojkan, press-coordinator of Yugoslavian Society of motoring Historians. Maslacak Vojkan together with Miroslav Milutinovic wrote the book on this topic and now are looking for editor to issue a book. Hope to see this book printed soon.)
Below are fragments from his messages regarding Chevrolet assembly in Yugoslavia:
in 1939/40 the Yugoslavian Kingdom Army bought 400 from Chevrolet, 11/2-ton trucks, long wheelbase, double wheels at rear, straight 6 cyl. OHV, carburetter motor, 85 HP. To minimize expenses those trucks were sent disassembled to main components and assembling was made in Kragujevac in the VTZ (Vojno Tehnicki Zavod), - later, after WW II, this factory was renamed to Crvena Zastava, then to Zavodi Crvena Zastava and now that is Zastava-Automobili.
About 20 of these trucks were send totally disassembled for personal (Mechanic and Driver) training purposes.
Sorry, no photos of this assembling - that was Army secret, and all the Chevrolets have been destroyed/disappeared during the War.
And almost no documents - everything was lost in the war. Only a remembers of mans who was involved in this assembling.
I don't have a photo of Yugoslavian Chevrolets, but I'll send you a front page of original prospekt (56k file), that I received from one of the officers who was involved in Military Negotiations with Chevrolet.

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