Oldtimers picture gallery. Cars. Delahaye (only pre-1945).
1898-1956, Société des Automobiles Delahaye, Paris, France.
1894-1898, rue du Gazomètre, Tours, France

Delahaye 135MS, 1936-1954, 6-cyl. OHV, 3557cc, 120hp
Delahaye 148, 1937-1954, 6-cyl. OHV, 3557cc, 85hp
Delahaye 135M, 1936-1951, 6-cyl. OHV, 3557cc, 115hp/4000rpm, 150 km/h, 1155 built
Delahaye 135 Coupe Des Alpes, 1935-1939, 6-cyl. OHV, 3227cc, 95hp (1 carb) (110hp 3 carbs)
Delahaye 165, 1939 only, V12-cyl. OHV, 4480cc, ?hp, 3 or 4 built
Delahaye 168, 1939, 6?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp
Delahaye 135S (Sport), 1938, 6-cyl., 3227cc, 95hp/3600rpm (113hp/3600 with 3 carbs, compr. 7:1)
Delahaye 145 Grand Prix, 1937, V12-cyl., 4490cc, 200hp
Delahaye 108 14CV, 1929-1934, 6-cyl. IOE, 2471cc, ?hp
Delahaye 134 12CV, 1933, 4-cyl., 2155cc, 50hp
Delahaye 122A, 1933, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp

Pre-1932 cars:
Delahaye 105, 1928, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 43k photo
Photos are from:
Classic Car Collection
Some data are from the books "A-Z of Cars of the 1930s" by M.Sedgwick & M.Gillies and
"Die Chronik des Automobils" by Hans-Otto Neubauer.

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Le site du Club Delahaye (in French/English).
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