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1938-1944, ?-1949-1959-? Carl F.W. Borgward Automobil- und Motorenwerke GmbH, Bremen, Germany.
Before 1938 - under Hansa trademark.

Borgward B3000, approximately 30000 built:
    Borgward B3000O, 1938-1941, 3-ton 4x2, 6-cyl. petrol 3485cc 65hp, 38k b/w photo, this is soft top einheits cab truck
    Borgward B3000D, 1939-1943, 3-ton 4x2, 6-cyl. diesel 4426cc 64hp
    Borgward B3000S/O, 1942-1944, 3,125-ton 4x2, 6-cyl. petrol 3745cc 78hp
    Borgward B3000A/O, 1942-1943, 3,095-ton 4x4, 6-cyl. petrol 3745cc 78hp
    Borgward B3000S/D, 1942-1943, 3-ton 4x2, 6-cyl. diesel 4962cc 75hp, 75k b/w photo of closed cab truck
    Borgward B3000A/D, 1942-1943, 3-ton 4x4, 6-cyl. diesel 4962cc 75hp, 29k b/w photo of closed cab truck
Sd.Kfz.251, 1939-1944, Sd.Kfz11 based armoured half-track 3-ton gun tractor and personnel carrier
(mittlere Schützen-Panzerwagen), 6-cyl. gasoline 100hp.
(For production number see Sd.Kfz.11 below.)
Ausführung A (4 side hatch-windows)
76k, 40k (1941, USSR, army group Nord), 37k (France), 31k, 24k
Ausführung B (1 side hatch-window)
70k and 45k (Sd.Kfz.251/6, 2 color photos 1941/1942), 60k (1943 photo), 58k,
54k (USSR, Guderian group), 53k (Sd.Kfz.251/1), 49k
Ausführung C, since 1940 (sloped front "grille" plate)
43k (Sd.Kfz.251 and Sd.Kfz.11, Division Grossdeutschland), 29k, 25k (Sd.Kfz.251/8), 13k,
13k (Sd.Kfz.251/6)
Ausführung D, since 1943 (inverted sloped rear plate)
79k, 34k (Sd.Kfz.251/6), 17k
Sd.Kfz.11 (Borgward HL kl 6), 1938-1943, half-track 3-ton gun tractor and personnel carrier,
6-cyl. gasoline 100hp (before 1939 - 90hp),
2667 (of appr. 25.000 incl. appr. 15.000 Pz. SPW) co-produced by Borgward (Borgward HL kl 6):
54k, 50k, 43k, 38k (special body), 36k, 22k (hardtop body) and 13k (rear view) b/w WW2 photos
Borgward HL m 11, Sd.Kfz.7, 1938-1943, half-track 8-ton gun tractor and personnel carrier, 6-cyl gasoline 140hp, ? built by Borgward
Einheits-Diesel, 1937-1940, 2,5-ton 6x6, 6-cyl. diesel 6234cc 80hp, 2463 co-produced by Borgward in 1938-40
Borgward L1400, 1939-1943, 1,155-ton 4x2, 4-cyl. petrol 1384cc 33hp
Photos are from:
Bart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", "After the Battle" publication, 1989.
Reinhard Frank's book "Lastkraftwagen der Wehrmacht", PODZUN-PALLAS, 1992.
Thanks for remarks to Olivier Tallon, old trucks admirer and restorer from France. See also homepage of Olivier.

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