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26k image of 1965 GAZ-6992k image of Arsen's GAZ-69

Years of production: 1 IX 1953 - XII 1972
Overall production: 634256 of all GAZ-69 models
2-door 4WD, 8-seater (2-seater + 500 kg) wtith picking up sidebenches or 4-door 4WD, 5-seater commander car
Engine: 55hp/3600rpm, 4-cyl 4-stroke, 2.112 L
Bore/Stroke: 82/100 mm
Length: 3850mm, width: 1850mm (69A - 1750mm), height: 2030mm (69A - 1920mm)
Wheelbase: 2300mm, clearance: 210mm (both axles)
GAZ-69AGearbox: 3+rear speeds x 2 axles
Weight (completely loaded): 2175 kg (69A - 1960 kg)
Maximal speed: 90 km/h
Fuel consumption: 14 L/100km (under 30 km/h)
GAZ-69 took the place of GAZ-67B in 1953 and remained on assembly line till 1972 practically without changes. First cars
have been produced in Gorkiy city (before 1930 and right now - Nizhniy Novgorod). Then, in December of 1954 production of GAZ-69
has began in Ulianovsk, UAZ. GAZ-69 production on GAZ lines has been cancelled in
1956. Officially GAZ-69 became UAZ-69, but new name didn't get accustomed even in official papers. I heard only
delighted opinions of GAZ-69 from many people, although I think the engine could be more powerful. The engine of the car
GAZ-69was taken from famous "Pobieda" GAZ-M20. I don't know why, but designers didn't care to supply the car with
sidemirrors.The only small mirror in the uppermiddle of windscreen was useless in tarpaulin covered car because of small
rear window.
Tyres, engine and some other parts are interchangeable with GAZ-M20, M72, UAZ(not for engine)-450, 451, Polish Nysa
and Zhuk.
Below are modifications of GAZ-69 I know of:
GAZ-19 - 2WD post delivery hardtop (experimental)
GAZ-46 (or MAV) - amphibia
GAZ-69 - 2-door, 2+6-seat/2+500kg base model
GAZ-69A - 4-door, 5-seat commander car
21k image of GAZ-69GAZ-69AM - export version of GAZ-69A with 2432cc 65hp modified bore engine
GAZ-69AE - screened equipment version of GAZ-69A
GAZ-69B - field repair technical assistance car
GAZ-69M - export version of GAZ-69 with 2432cc 65hp modified bore engine
GAZ-69E - screened equipment version of GAZ-69
There were also special modifications of 2-door version: radiostation, fire engine, street sweeper, drilling equipment, radiational survey, anti-tank rocket gun, hardtop Militia patrol car fitted with prison cage.
22k image of GAZ-69ABefore 1970 there was only rear window in the canvas top, then 2 windows appeared on every side, see upper image.
This model was manufactured in Romania too, as a trade mark ("IMS" or M461). IMS had the body of a GAZ69 with 2 doors and the mechanical parts (engine, front and rear axels) like of a GAZ4. M461 kept the body of a GAZ69 but equiped with a Romanian engine 4-cyl. 4-stroke OHV. Those cars were manufactured between 1955-1965 at "ARO" SA Campulung-Muscel, Arges county, Romania.
Thanks for information to Florian Soava and Dorin from Bucharest.
Sources of photos:
Mihail Kozyrev, Moscow,
Arsen Uyanaev from stanitsa Kotlyarevskaya, Mayskii district of Kabardino-Balkariya, Russia (his car is number 18-04).
Military Vehicles Sales & Appraisal Service.
What else in the net:
GAZ-69. Offroad Legend. (in Russian), homepage of Victor Kukhtevich, Moscow.
GAZ-69 homepage of Dmitrii Shtabskii (in Russian).
Homepage of Bernt Hammarlund (in English), owner of GAZ-69 in Sweden.
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