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46k WW2 photo of GAZ-03-30 captured by the Germans66k photo of post-war GAZ-03-3069k photo of post-war GAZ-03-30

Years of production:
1933 - 1941,1942 - 1950.
Overall production: 9246 units.
Only 3 survived are known.
4x2 GAZ-AA based 17-passenger bus
42hp(since 1938 - 50hp)/2800rpm, 4-cyl, 3285cc
Bore/Stroke: 98.43/107.95 mm
Length: 5300mm, width: 2100mm, height: 2530mm
58k photo of GAZ-03-30 prototype48k WW2 photo of GAZ-03-30 captured by the Germans100k post-1947 photo of GAZ-03-30, Izmajil region, UkraineWheelbase: 3340mm
Road clearance: 200mm
4 speed gearbox
Weight: 2270 kg
Maximal speed: 65 km/h
Tyres: 6,50-20 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 40 Ltr.
Fuel consumption: 20,5 Ltr./100km
42k WW2 photo of GAZ-03-30 captured by the Germans63k WW2 photo of GAZ-03-30 with Kriegsmarine plate, Latvija54k photo of post-war GAZ-03-30Post-war model has got simplified flat
fenders, two-glasses windscreen and smaller

Photos are from:
Chris Pitman's GAZ album, Woombye,
Queensland, Australia.
1953 "Ogonyok" magazine, Soviet Union.
51k photo of post-war GAZ-03-30 assembly102k photo of GAZ-03-3022k photo of pre-war GAZ-03-30Denis Orlov, automobile history journalist,
WW2, Russia.
eBay Deutschland.
Aleksei Rjazancev, Leningrad.
V.I.Matvejenko, Leningrad.

29k WW2 photo of GAZ-03-30 captured by the Germans, Rovno, Ukraine

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