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15k photo of 1938(?) Puch-125 of Dennis65k photo of 1940 Puch-125 of S.Florinsky

Years of production: 125, 125T: 1940-1950
125S: 1947-49, 125TT: 1950-52, 125TS: 1949-52
Overall amount: 125, 125T: about 40000 units
125S: 975, 125TT: 19192, 125TS: 2334
(T - Touren, S - Sport)
Engine: 5,2hp/4500rpm, 1-cyl, double piston 2-stroke 124,75cc
19k photo of 1941 Puch-125WH, Wehrmacht version18k photo of 1938(?) Puch-125 of DennisBore/Stroke: 2x38/55 mm
Length: 1940mm, width: 650mm, height: 900mm
Wheelbase: 1255mm
Gearbox: 3-speed
Weight: 84 kg
Maximal speed: 95 km/h
Tyres: ? inches
Fuel capacity: 8,5 L
Fuel consumption: 2,4 - 2,7 L/100km
Photos are from:
"Moto" magazine, Nr.5, Russia. This "007" number plate bike was restored by S.Florinsky (Furmanov, Ivanovo region, Russia).
Dennis Bolda from Illinois, USA, owner of pictured (supposedly 1938) Puch-125.
Motorrad Markt magazine, Germany.
All the data were kindly supplied by Gunter Harms from Bavaria, Germany.
If you understand German, you will find more data on Puch 125 page, prepared by Dr. Josef Nemeth, Eisenstadt, Austria.
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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