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51k photo of NSU-FIAT 500 cabriolimousine
NSU-FIAT-500 and FIAT-500 "Topolino"

Years of production: 1937-1941
Overall production: about 7000 units in Germany, see NSU-FIAT production
Engine: 13hp/4000rpm, straight 4-cyl, 4-stroke 569cc
Bore/Stroke: 52/67 mm
Length: 3250mm, width: 1290mm, height: 1400mm
Wheelbase: 2000mm
Front wheel track/rear track: 1110/1080mm
Compression ratio: 6,5 : 1 (since 1939 - 6 : 1)
36k photo of 1939 NSU-FIAT 500 roadsterCarburettor: Solex 22HD
Battery: 12V 30Ah
Alternator: 75W
Gearbox: 4-speed, synchronized III and IV
Frame: before 39 - short U-profile, after 39 - normal with X-transverse
Hydraulical all-wheel drum brakes, drum diameter: 290mm
Weight (body/whole): 300/730 kg
Maximal speed: 86 km/h
Tyres: 4,00-15 (after 1939 - 4,50-16) inches
38k photo of militarized NSU-FIAT 500 of African corpsFuel tank capacity and place: 21,5 L, in motor division
Fuel consumption: 6 L/100km
Prices in ReichsMark (all the bodies were supplied by Weinsberg):
FIAT 500 2-seater Limousine - 1850-1950 RM
NSU-FIAT 500 2-seater Limousine - 1730-1780 RM
2-seater Cabrio-Lim - 1850 RM
2-seater Spider-Sport - 1970 RM
This car is German version of Italian FIAT-500. All the technical data are similar for NSU-FIAT and FIAT.
16k photo of 1939 NSU-FIAT 500 roadsterPhotos are from:
NSU-FIAT-500 limousine (38k) is from Military Museum of Southern New England).
Cabriolimousine is from "Der Zuverlässige" - magazine of Alt-Opel Club, Hannover, Germany.
Auto Moto Militaria, photo by B.Maczinski, Poland,
Komisja Pojazdow Zabytkowych, Poland.
Topolino in English for means wee mouse.
Some data are from Werner Oswald, "Deutsche Autos 1920-1945".
Thanks for help to Andrei Rebrov, Tallinn.
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