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Tatra-93 chassis12k photo of Tatra-93 chassis11k photo of Tatra-93 chassis
Tatra 93

Years of production: 1939-1940
6x6 2-ton off-road truck/command car
(the latter less common)
Overall production: 529 (including
Tatra 92), several hundred of T93 built to Romania
Engine: carburettor aircooled V8-cyl. OHC, 3981cc, 74hp/2500rpm
Dimensions: length - 5495mm, width - 2000mm, height - 2610mm
Cargo platform: length - ?mm, width - ?mm, board height - ?mm
Tatra-93 short passenger cab command carTatra-93 command car, short passenger cab versionTatra-93 short passenger cab command carWheelbase: 32700mm + 940mm
Backbone tubular frame chassis
Front wheel track: ?mm, independent
transversal leaf-spring suspension
Rear track: ?mm, longitudinal leaf-spring
Road clearance: ?mm
Tatra-93 short passenger cab command car, slope testTatra-93 cargo11k photo of Tatra-93 chassisWater ford depth: ?mm
Turning radius: ? m
Bore/Stroke: 80/99mm
Compression ratio: 5,5 : 1
Carburetter: ?
Battery: ? Volt, ? Ah
Clutch: ?
Gearbox: 4-speed + back, 2-speed transfer box
Ratios: I - ?, II - ?, III - ?, IV - ?
Differential ratio: ?
Hydraulic brakes: on all wheels(?), hand brakes - on ... (?)
Weight: ? kg (command car - about 2800 kg)
Maximal speed on highway: ? km/h
Tyres: 6,00x20 inches
Fuel tank capacity: ? L
Fuel consumption: ? L/100km
Optional 2500kg winch at the rear
Generally used in Romanian army.
Photos and data are from:
Tatra World by Kees Smit, the Netherlands,
Bart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", "After the Battle" publication, 1989.
Thanks a lot to Kees Smit (Tatra World, the Netherlands).
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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