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40k WW2 photo of STZ-515k WW2 photo of STZ-532k WW2 photo of STZ-5, Buessings
STZ-5 "Stalingradec"

Years of production: 1937 - 13 IX 1942
Overall production: 9944 units
By years:
1937 - 173, 1938 - 136, 1939 - 1256,
1940 - 1274, 1941 - 3746 (3146 since
22 VI 1941), 1942 - 3359
SHTZ-NATI based full-track gun and personnel carrier
Body types: 1,5-ton cargo, high-board cargo (late version?), rocket launcher M-13-16, shop van,
armoured vehicle "NI", light tank with 45-mm gun
Engine: own "1MA" 52hp/?rpm, straight 4-cylinder petrol-kerosene SV, 7460cc
Bore/Stroke : ?/? mm
Compression ratio: ? : 1
45k 11 X 1941 battle field photo, S-65, GAZ-AA and STZ-5, Vjazjma-Moskva, 11 Pz. Div.44k WW2 photo of STZ-5Length: 4,15 m, width: 1,855 m,
height: 2,36 m
Road clearance: 288 mm
? Volt electrics
5-speed and 2-speed auxilliary gear
Rear sprockets drive
Steering: ?
Suspension: oscillating bogies with coil springs
50k VII 1942 photo of STZ-541k WW2 photo of STZ-534k 1941 photo of STZ-5 in Krasnyje StrugiMechanical brakes
Track by mid-tracks: 1435 mm
Track width: 310 mm
Weight: 5840 kg
Towing capacity: 3400 kg
Maximal speed: 21,5 km/h
Fuel tank capacity: petrol - 14 Ltr., kerosene - 148 Ltr.
Fuel consumption: ? /100km (for 145 km by highway)
61k WW2 photo of STZ-536k WW2 photo of STZ-534k WW2 photo of STZ-5Maximal ford depth: 0,8 m
Maximal wall crossing height: 0,6 m
Maximal trench crossing: 1 m

One of few main artillery transporters in
the Red Army, especially in the first stage
of the war.
Many of these vehicle have been captured by German Wehrmacht and used there under designation 'CT3-601(r)'.
52k WW2 photo of STZ-560k WW2 photo of STZ-5 and Komsomolec14k WW2 photo of STZ-5 and RSO
Photos and data are from:
Bart Vanderveen
"Historic Military Vehicles Directory",
An After the Battle publication, 1989.
eBay Deutschland.
Molotok Auction (Russia).

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