Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Impéria (pre-1945 only here).
1908-1958, SA des Automobiles Impéria-Excelsior,
Nessonvaux, Liège, Belgium.

In 1934 merged with Minerva. Since 1935 Imperia produced Adler-licensed cars, from year to year declining far from the origin. Badged as Minerva in France.

Impéria TA7, 1936-1940, 4-cyl. SV 995cc 28hp:
  Cabriolimousine and Limousine, 53k WW2 photo.
  Cabriolimousine, 68k 1981 photo (hopefully survived longer).
  Limousine, old grille, 87k WW2 photo.
Impéria TA11, 1934-1938, 4-cyl. SV 1645cc 45hp:
  4-door sedan, new grille - 11k WW2 photo, the same car from the left, 17k photo.
  4-door sedan, old grille - 54k WW2 photo, USSR.
  Roadster, old grille - 43k old photo, courtesy of Yves Campion (Belgium).
Impéria Jupiter, 1938-1940, 4-cyl. SV 1910cc 55hp(?)
Impéria V-8, 1936-?, 3,6-Ltr. motor, authomatic transmission
Impéria 6CV, 1924-1934, 4-cyl. slide-valve SV 1096cc ?hp
Impéria 10CV, 1930-1934, 4-cyl. slide-valve SV 1794cc ?hp

Photos are from:
eBay Deutschland.
Yves Campion (Belgium), big amauteur of old Belgian motorcycles and author of the book about Gillet.
Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia.
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