Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. Imperia.
1924 - 1935, ? firma, Cologne (Köln), Germany.

Imperia Zwerg 150, 1933, 1-cyl. 2-stroke Villiers, 150cc, 3hp
Imperia 200, Junior 200, 1933-1935, 1-cyl. 4-stroke Bark, 200cc, 8/10hp, two 19k b/w (both 1935)
Imperia Junior 200, 1931-1933, 1-cyl. 2-stroke Omnia and Villiers, 196cc, 6hp, 28k and 31k photo, Omnia motor, owner - Sven Meier
Imperia Sport 350, 1935, 1-cyl. 4-stroke, 350cc, 15hp, 19k b/w image
Imperia Wehrsport 350, 1935, 1-cyl. 4-stroke, 350cc, 18hp, 20k b/w image
Imperia 350B Sport, 1934, 1-cyl. 4-stroke Bark, 350cc, 15hp
Imperia 350H Sport, 1933, ?-cyl. ?-stroke MAG, 350cc, ?hp
Imperia Grand Prix, 1932, 1-cyl. 4-stroke Rudge Python 4-valve, 348cc, 18/20hp, 19k b/w image
Imperia Godesburg, 1935, 1-cyl. 4-stroke, 500cc, 15hp, 19k b/w image
Imperia Sport 500, 1935, 1-cyl. 4-stroke, 500cc, 18hp, 19k b/w image
Imperia Kompressor 500, 1935, 2-cyl. 4-stroke Imperia boxer motor, 500cc, ?hp, 19k b/w photo
Imperia 500 B, 1933-1934, 1-cyl. 4-stroke Bark, 500cc, 13hp
Imperia ? model, 1934, ?-cyl. ?-stroke, 500cc, 15hp
Imperia 500 G, 1932, 1-cyl. 4-stroke MAG, 500cc, 13hp
Imperia Ulster Spezial, 1932, 1-cyl. 4-stroke Rudge Python 4-valve, 499cc, 18/22hp, 24k photo, owner - Andreas Ulm
Imperia Rheingold 850, 1934, 2-cyl. OHV MAG, 847cc, 26hp, 26k, 31k, owner - Helmut Kretschmar
All the photos and data are from:
Imperia Motorrad (in German) Oldtimer Motorräder aus Bad Godesberg (very recommended).
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