Oldtimers picture gallery. Trucks. Ford (Canadian).
(1940-1945)?, Ford of Canada, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Ford-F60L and F60S, 3-ton 4x4, 35k photo gift from Jan Szatan, this truck has cab Nr.13.
Ford-F15A, 15-cwt (about 3/4-ton) 4x4,
Ford-F15, 15-cwt (about 3/4-ton) 4x2, 1940-1942-1945
Ford-F-GT, 4x4 Field Artillery Tractor, 83k 1940 Dünkirchen photo (with cab Nr.13) from eBay Deutchland,
Ford-F30, 30-cwt (about 11/2-ton) 4x4, 42k image with cab Nr.11 from Long Range Desert Group Preservation Society,
Ford-F8, 8-cwt (about 400-kg) 4x2,
Ford-F602S and F602L, 3-ton 4x2, 1944(?) - 1945
Ford-F60H, 3-ton 6x4, 27k photo with cab Nr.12 from Jan Szatan,
Rare vehicles and prototypes:
Ford-F8A, 8-cwt (about 400-kg) 4x2.
What else in Internet:
Canadian Military Pattern Vehicle.
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