Oldtimers picture gallery. Motorcycles. F.N.. (Only pre-1945).
1901-1960's-?, Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre S.A., Herstal, Belgium.
?-1928-?, Berliner-Aachener Motorenwerke, Berlin, Aachen, Germany.

F.N. 12a SM-T3, tricar, 2-cyl 992cc boxer SV, 22hp, 1939-1940, 400 ... 500 made, 33k b/w photo
F.N. 13, ?-cyl ?cc, 1939, 12k b/w photo
F.N. M12, 2-cyl 992cc SV boxer motor, 22hp, 1937-1939, 1090 produced, 32k and 40k WW2 photos
F.N. 350, 1-cyl 348cc SV, 9hp, ?-1938-?,
F.N. M11 "Sport", 1-cyl 348cc OHV, 15hp, 1937?-?
F.N. M11 "Touring 500", 1-cyl 497cc SV, 13hp, 1937?-?, 27k b/w photo (or this is "Touring 600")
F.N. M11 "Touring 600", 1-cyl 582cc SV, 16hp, 1937?-?
F.N. M90, 1-cyl 495cc SV, 12hp, 1931-1937-?,
F.N. M91, 1-cyl 495cc SV, 12hp, ?-1935-?, identical to M90, 27k b/w photo
F.N. M71, 1-cyl. ?cc , ?hp, 1937-19??, ? made, 24k b/w photo
F.N. M14, ?-cyl. ?cc , ?hp, 1937-19??, ? made, 27k b/w photo
F.N. M86, 1-cyl OHV 596cc, 20hp, 1936,
F.N. M86, 1-cyl OHV 497cc, ?hp, 1936?,
F.N. M86 mil., 1-cyl. ?cc , ?hp, 1936-19??, ? made, 34k b/w photo
F.N. M86 Sp., 1-cyl. 596cc , ?hp, 1935-19??, ? made, 87k photo
F.N. M86 G.P., 1-cyl. 596cc , ?hp, 1934-19??, ? made, 25k b/w photo
F.N. M86 Sp., 1-cyl. 596cc , ?hp, 1934-19??, ? made, 26k b/w photo
F.N. M200, 1-cyl. 192cc 2-stroke, 1933-1935-?, 24k b/w photo (1935)
F.N. M200, 1-cyl. 192cc 2-stroke, 1933-1935-?, 24k b/w photo (1933)
F.N. M70, 1-cyl 348cc SV, 1932, 19k photo
F.N. 87, 1-cyl 497cc OHV, 22hp, 193?-193?, 91k b/w photo
Pre-1932 motorcycles:
F.N. M70 "Sahara", 1-cyl. 348cc SV, 1927-1930-?, 101k and 105k photos (1930)
F.N. M70 "Sahara", 1-cyl. 348cc SV, 1927-1930-?, 56k b/w photo (1929)
F.N. M67B, 1-cyl. 494cc OHV, 1929, 13k photo
F.N. M67C, 1-cyl. 494cc OHV, 1928, 58k photo
F.N. M70L (German production), 1-cyl. 348cc SV, 1928, 17k b/w photo
F.N. M70 "Sahara", 1-cyl. 348cc SV, 1927-1930-?, 22k and 11k photos (1927)
F.N. M70 "Moulin Rouge" (later "Sahara"), 1-cyl. 348cc SV, 1927-1930-?, 30k photo (1927)
F.N. M67, 1-cyl. 494cc OHV, 1925-1926-?, 10k photo (1926)
F.N. M60, 1-cyl. 350cc OHV, 1923-1925-?, 24k photo (1925)
F.N. 500, 4-cyl. 498cc, 1913, 17k photo
F.N. 500, 4-cyl. 492cc(?), 1912(?), 15k photo
F.N. 4-cyl., 410cc, 1908, 31k photo
F.N. 300cc(?), 1905, 87k old photo from Yves Campion
Photos are from:
Motorrad Markt magazine, Germany,
"Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia,
David Dumont, Belgium,
"Internationale Motorrad Typenschau" by Dr. Ing. Gerhard Seidel, 1944,
Klassisk Bil & MC, Danmark,
Kruse International,
Bart Vanderveen, "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", After the Battle publications,
Yesterdays antique motorcycles, The Netherlands,
Signal - ukrajinskii avtomobilnyi zhurnal, Ukraine,
Hemmings Motor News.
What else in the net:
Herstal Group (in English/French), official producer of F.N. vehicles in the Past. Very interesting historical page.
F.N. Oldtimer Motorcycles: 1902-1965. (in English), Belgium.
eBay Deutschland.
Yves Campion (Belgium), big amauteur of old Belgian motorcycles and author of the book about Gillet.

Thanks for help to David Dumont, Belgium, and
Cornelis Bouman (the Netherlands).
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