Oldtimers picture gallery. Trucks. F.N. (only pre-1945 here).
1920-1940, ?-1948-1965, Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre S.A., Herstal-les-Liege, Belgium.

F.N. "Kegresse" 63T, 1937-1940, ?-ton half-track tractor, 6-cyl. 3993cc, ?hp, 140 built
F.N. 63C, 1937-1940, ?-ton cab-over, 6-cyl. 3993cc, ?hp, 300 built, F.N. 63C(?), 42k WW2 photo, Varemme.
F.N. T38 (TBIV), 1938-1940, trolleybus, 28 built
F.N. 12a SM-T3, tricar, 2-cyl 992cc boxer SV, 22hp, 1939-1940, 400 ... 500 made, 22k WW2 photo, France
F.N. 8-cylinder, 1932-1939, ?-ton, 8-cyl. 3250cc, ?hp, 882 built
F.N. C10, 1934-1938, 1,0-ton pickup, 4-cyl. 2269cc, ?hp, 300 built
F.N. T36 (TBII), 1936-1938, trolleybus, 48 built
F.N. TBIII, 1937-1938, trolleybus, 15 built only for Antwerpen
F.N. C5, 1930-1934, 0,5-ton pickup, 4-cyl. 1625cc, ?hp, ? built, 118k photo
F.N. T32 (TBI), 1932-1934, trolleybus, 30 built
F.N. 42C (Prince Baudouin chassis), 1933?-1934, 0,5-ton pickup, 4-cyl. 1625cc, ?hp, 137 built
F.N. 42ECS (Prince Albert chassis), 1933?-1934, 0,5-ton pickup, 4-cyl. 1625cc, ?hp, 44 built
Photos are from:
eBay Deutschland, Germany,
David Dumont, Belgium.

What else in the net:
Herstal Group official site with historical part.

Thanks for help to David Dumont, Belgium, and
Cornelis Bouman (the Netherlands).
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