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1937-1939, Atalanta Motors of Stai?es, Middlesex, United Kingdom.

Atalanta 11/2-litre, 1937-1939, 4-cyl. OHC - 1496cc - 78hp, 2-seater sports, 2-seater d.h. coupe
Atalanta 2-litre, 1937-1939, 4-cyl. OHC - 1996cc - 98hp, 2-str. sports, 2-seater drophead coupe
Atalanta V12 (4,3-litre), 1938-1939, V12-cyl. SV - 4387cc - 112hp
Atalanta 1,6-litre, 1939, 4-cyl. OHC - 1650cc - ?hp
Total production: approximately 20 cars (all models).

Photos and data are from:
"A-Z of Cars of the 1930s" by M.Sedgwick & M.Gillies.
Keith Wheeler (Edenbridge, Kent, England), owner of this 1939 Atalanta V12 4-seater drophed convertible.
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