Oldtimer gallery. Cars. La Salle.
1927 - 1940, USA.

La Salle is small version of Cadillac indeed.
1940 La Salle Series 50, 23k image from The Highway One Classic, another 26k image and 9k coupe.
1940 La Salle Series 52 Special, 14k image
1939 La Salle Series 50
1938 La Salle Series 50, 60k photo of 4-door Sedan from Kruse International,
1937 La Salle Series 50
1936 La Salle Series 50, 34k 4-door Sedan and 18k rearview from the owner, Heinz Luder, Büren zum Hof, Switzerland.
1935 La Salle Series 50, 12k b/w image of Convertible from Net-A-Car,
1934 La Salle 350, 11k photo of Sedan from Trader Online,
1933 La Salle 345C, 19k image of Town Sedan from Kruse International,
1932 La Salle 345B, 62k photo of Imperial Limousine from Kruse International,
1931 La Salle 345A, 17k image of Rumleseat Convertible Coupe from Cool Cars Only,
1930 La Salle 340, 38k photo of 7-passenger Phaeton from Special Cars for Special People,
1929 La Salle V8, 54k image of Sport Phaeton from Volo Automuseum,
1928 La Salle V8, 25k image of Factory Dual Cowl Phaeton from The Highway One Classic,
1927 La Salle 303, 36k image of Phaeton from Classic Auto Register Service.
La Salle passenger car production:

Years 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 Cars 3386 3482 7195 8651 13004 32000 14635 21127 24130

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