Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Cadillac. (only pre-1945 here)
1902-now, Cadillac Motor Car Co., Detroit, Michigan, USA.
1927-1931 - assembly plant in Berlin, Germany.

Car production was finished in 1942 for military purposes. In 1946 the production was re-started, but this is topic for another sites...
1942 Cadillac, 19k image of Series 62 Sedan from Classic Auto Register Service,
1941 Cadillac, 18k photo courtesy of Dave Bethel Photography, Santa Rosa, California, USA,
1940 Cadillac (60 Special, 62, 72, 75, 90 Sixteen),
1939 Cadillac, 14k image of Series 60 Special Sedan from Trader Online,
1938 Cadillac, 36k image of Series 65 4-door Convertible Sedan 6549 from Motorcars,
1938 Cadillac 60
1937 Cadillac, 28k image of Series 90 Convertible Coupe from Vintage Web,
1936 Cadillac (60, 70, 75 Fleetwood, 80 Fleetwood, 85 Fleetwood, 90 Fleetwood),
1935 Cadillac, 23k image of Series 370D Aero Coupe from Black Hawk Collection,
1934 Cadillac, 19k image of Series 355D 4-door Sedan from Kruse International,
1933 Cadillac, 24k image of Series 355C 4-door Sedan from The Highway One Classic,
1932 Cadillac, 23k image of Series 355B from The Highway One Classic,
1931 Cadillac, 17k image of Series 370A Convertible from Specialcar Magazine,
1930 Cadillac, 88k image of Series 3558 4-door Sedan of German assembly from "Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia,
1929 Cadillac, 53k image of Cadillac V8 Sport Coupe from Kruse International,
1928 Cadillac, 16k image of Sport Phaeton from Kruse International,
1927 Cadillac, 16k image of Series 314 Business Coupe from Specialcar Magazine,
1925 Cadillac, 94k image of Series V63 4-door Sedan from "Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia,
1924 Cadillac, 17k image of Cadillac V8 5-passenger Phaeton from Kruse International,
1922 Cadillac, 19k image of Touring from 1 in a Million Cars,
1921 Cadillac, 27k image of Series 59 Victoria Coupe from Kruse International,
1918 Cadillac, 34k image of Cadillac V8 5-passenger Sedan from Cool Cars Only,
1917 Cadillac, 13k image of Cadillac Roadster from Hemmings Motor News,
1916 Cadillac, 25k image of Cadillac Hearse from Classic Auto Register Service,
1914 Cadillac, 20k image of Cadillac Four 5-passenger Touring from Kruse International,
1912 Cadillac, 14k image of Cadillac Four Roadster from Kruse International,
1911 Cadillac, 31k image of Touring
1906 Cadillac, 21k image of Series KM Runabout from Kruse International,
1905 Cadillac, 22k image of Series E Roadster from Kruse International,
1903 Cadillac, 54k image of Series A Runabout from Kruse International,
1902 Cadillac number 1, 49k image of the first Cadillac ever built from eBay.
Some post-war cars:
1952 Cadillac convertible, 37k photo courtesy from the owner - Aniruddh Kasliwal (Bombay, India).
Cadillac passenger car production:

Years 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 Cars 5819 4236 12880 14152 9268 13581 13043 66130 16511 No civilian production

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Classic Cadillac Ring (in English).
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