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I'm sorry, I don't know a difference between GAZ-S1 and GAZ-410. My impression is that GAZ-S1 is just first year (or two) name of GAZ-410, because in all reference books only one of these names is mentioned. If I'm wrong, correct me then.

36k image of GAZ-410

Years of production: 1936 - 1946
4x2 1200 kg dump-truck
Engine: 50hp/2800rpm, 4-cyl, 3285cc
Gearbox: 4 speeds
Weight: 1920 kg
Maximal speed: 70 km/h
Fuel consumption: 21.0 L/100km
This picture is from Chris Pitman's GAZ album, Woombye, Queensland, Australia.
If you know anything of today existance of this truck, please let me know.
If you have to add, ask or correct me, you are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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