Oldtimers picture gallery. Cars. Delaunay Belleville (only 1903-1945 here).
Automobiles Delaunay Belleville, St. Denis on Seine, France.

Production of Delaunay Belleville cars was continued after the war until 1950 (1948?), but this is topic for another sites.
Delaunay Belleville U6, 1931-1934, 6-cyl. OHV, 3619 cm3, 4-speed gearbox
Pre-1932 cars:
Delaunay Belleville 2,1-Litre, 1929, 46k and 21k photo of sedan
Delaunay Belleville S6, 1928-1931, 6-cyl. OHV, 3181 cm3, 4-speed gearbox, 26k photo (sedan)
Delaunay Belleville 2L5, 1923, 36k and 40k photo of torpedo
Delaunay Belleville, 1911, Coupe de Ville
Delaunay Belleville 1A-6, 1909, 57k photo.
Delaunay Belleville cars were favorite automobiles of Russian Tsar Nicolas the 2nd. In 1909 the firm created special largest "tsar" model SMT (Sa Majeste le Tsar) with 6-cyl motor with 11,8 L displacement.
Delaunay Belleville on Russian service - What model is it? (72k b/w)
Pictures and data are from:
the books "A-Z of Cars of the 1930s" by M.Sedgwick & M.Gillies and "Die Chronik des Automobils" by Hans-Otto Neubauer.
Tino Prat from Barcelona, Spain (1929 car here served for their family).
Igor Guzienko (Kiev).
Classic Car Collection.
Andrei Atyukin, Moscow.
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