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82k photo of 1944 Opel-Blitz 3.6-6700A TLF15/43 with 3-ton fire tank of Luftwaffe40k photo of Opel-Blitz 3.6-6700A Kfz.305 for Fernraketen-Ersatzteile50k photo of Opel-Blitz 3.6-6700A Kfz.305 for V-2
Opel-Blitz 3,6-6700A (A goes for Allrad (4WD))

Years of production: 1940 - 1944 (in Brandenburg/Havel)
4x4 3,1-ton truck
Overall production: about 25000 units
Engine: 68hp/2800rpm, 6-cyl 4-stroke OHV, 3626cc
Bore/Stroke: 90/95 mm
22k photo of Opel-Blitz 3.6-6700A field kitchen by Gläser (Dresden)28k photo of Opel-Blitz 3.6-6700A fuel tanker32k photo of Opel-Blitz 3.6-6700A cargoWagenkasten-Pritsche (cargo): Length: 5950mm, width: 2340mm, height: 3180mm
Radkasten-Pritsche (cargo): Length: 5850mm, width: 2340mm, height: 2600mm
Radkasten-Kofferaufbau (lorry): Length: 5800mm, width: 2340mm, height: 2700mm
Wheelbase: 3450mm, clearance: 225mm
Gearbox: 5x2 (+ 2 rear) speeds
Weight: 3350kg (cargo)
Maximal speed: 80 km/h
38k photo of Opel-Blitz 3.6-6700A Kofferaufbau (box van)21k photo of Opel-Blitz 3.6-6700A cargo20k photo of January 1943 Opel-Blitz 3.6-6700A 3-ton fire tank TD 1,5 by Magirus for LuftwaffeTyres: offroad 190-20 or offroad 7,25-20 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 92L
Fuel consumption: 30 L/100km (highway), 40 L/100km (offroad).

3-ton Opel Blitz 4x2 and 4x4 was most successful and most numerous truck of Wehrmacht.

Photos are from:
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