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Attention for visitors from outside Russia. Many letters contain a question of "How can I buy ... in Russia?".
If you never visited Russia, better take this list of vehicles for sale just as a picture of what survived in Russia.
Don't take these vehicles as potential object of trade. 
I don't recommend to buy oldtimers here. Russia is Klondike of oldtimers, often for low prices, but you'll
possibly meet following obstacles:
1. Condition of most vehicles is terrible because of their hard work, many of them are rebuilt using parts from later vehicles.
2. The procedure of official registration is a big headache. You often have to pay miscellaneous taxes and "tips",
    collect a lot of papers, some of them with expiry dates.
3. Russians usually don't speak English or another foreign languages, possibly nobody will be able to answer your phone call.
4. Militia (Police) is mafia Nr. 1 in Russia. Criminals in Russia are well organized and seems collaborate with officials!
5. Owner of the vehicle can erroneously suppose his car is original.
6. Ask him if the vehicle has documents, and be sure that numbers of units correspond to the ones in documents.
7. Some advertisings keep modest silence, that the car isn't running, corrupted, rebiult etc..
8. If price is low indeed, this perhaps means, that vehicle is already sold by the moment you read this string.
9. Please don't send me requests to find and deliver anything from here.
    I also don't keep an eye on recent changes in Russian export rules.
    I haven't time for this, and this is not interesting for me.

Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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