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21k image of Wanderer-W25K Roadster17k image of Wanderer-W25K Roadster85k image of Wanderer-W25K Cabriolet

Year of production: 1936 - 1938
Overall production: 257 (?or 258 ?or 259) units
4x2 2-seater Roadster, 2-seater Sport Cabriolet
Engine: 85hp/4000rpm, 6-cyl OHV, 1963cc with Roots Kompressor
Bore/Stroke: 70/85 mm
Length: ?mm, width: ?mm, height: ?mm
Wheelbase: 2650mm, clearance: ?mm
100k image of Wanderer-W25K Cabriolet28k image of Wanderer-W25K Roadster73k image of 1938 Wanderer-W25K RoadsterTwin carburettor Solex
Gearbox: 4 speeds, synchronized III and IV
Clutch: twin plate
Hydraulical brakes by ATE (Alfred Teves) Lockheed
Weight: 1050 kg
Maximal speed: 150 km/h
Tyres: ? inches
94k image of Wanderer-W25K Roadster85k image of Wanderer-W25K RoadsterFuel tank capacity: ? L
Fuel consumption: 15 - 20 L/100km
Images are from Peter Kirchberg's book "Bildatlas Auto Union", Berlin, 1987, Auto Review magazine, Russia,
Coys of Kensington Auctions, "Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia and from
"Die Chronik des Automobils" by Hans-Otto Neubauer, Chronik Verlag, Gütersloh/Munich, 1994.
Thanks for help to Jan Szatan. See his Klasyczne Pojazdy Terenowe Panstw Socjalistycznych (in Polish).
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