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53k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter) of 61 Inf. Div.74k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter)32k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter)
W11/3 (from serial Nr. 26893)

Kraftfahrzeug 12 (Kfz.12) and others
by Wehrmacht classification
Years of production:
1937-1941, continued line of 1933-1936 Wanderer-W11 (2,5 Liter)
Overall production:
2714 units (by many sources, by one
other sourse - 4333)
4x2 4-seater front motor rear wheeldrive military car
Length: 4850mm, width: 1830mm, height: 1960mm
Wheelbase: 3000mm, road clearance: 265mm
Front wheel track: 1420mm; toe-in: ?mm; camber: ?o; caster: ?o
Rear track: 1420mm
29k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter)47k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter) of Learning Regiment41k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter) in RussiaTurning radius: 7m
"Wanderer 3 Liter" 60hp/3000rpm, straight 6-cyl. OHV, 2969cc
Bore/Stroke: 75/112 mm
Compression ratio: 5,6 : 1
Carburettor: Solex 35 BFRV
Ignition system: battery 12 Volt,
battery capacity - 45 A*h
Interrupter-distributor type: ?; contact clearance: ? mm
Generator type and power: ?, 90W
33k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter), France-Belgium19k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter)19k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter) in Herson, UkraineStarter type and power: ?; 1,2hp
Spark plugs type: ?; ?mm;
electrode clearance: ? mm
Cylinder firing order: ?
Water pump cooling
Clutch: dry single plate
Clutch pedal clearance: ?mm
Gearbox: "Prometheus AGN 8", 4 forward 1 back, without synchronization
Ratios: I - 4,52; II - 2,61; III - 1,49; IV - 1,00; rear - ?
Axle gear ratio: 6,11 or 6,125 or 6,143
47k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter) in Nuernberg38k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter)17k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter)Self-blocking differential
U-profile pressed steel frame
Front suspension: leaf springs
Rear suspension: leaf springs
Steering: Zahnradfabrik-Ross
Hydraulic brakes of all wheels
Hand brakes: by line, on rear wheels
Weight: 1760 kg, gross - 2350kg
50k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter) and Opel Olympia OL38 CL18k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter)18k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter)Maximal speed: 85 km/h
Climb: ?o
Ford passing depth: 550mm
Tyres: 6,00-20 inches, offroad
Tyre pressures (atmospheres):
front - ?, rear - ?
Fuel tank capacity: 52 Ltr. (in motor division), since serial Nr. 29874 - 70 Ltr. (in the rear)
Fuel consumption (highway): 17 Ltr./100km
20k photo of Wanderer-W11 (3 Liter)Cooling system capacity: 11,5 Ltr.
Oil carter capacity: engine - 10 Ltr.; gearbox - ? L; differential - ? L
Wanderer W11 (3,0 Liter) outside difference from Wanderer-W11 (2,5 Liter) is in simplified form of the wings and in the doors instead of door curtains.

Pictures and data are from:
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Thanks for help to Jan Szatan, Poland (his homepage is very interesting) and
Johan Andersson, Sweden.
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