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32k photo of 1938(?) TIZ-AM-60027k photo of 1938(?) TIZ-AM-60014k photo of 1938(?) TIZ-AM-600, tank
TIZ-AM600 or simply AM-600

Years of production: 1935-1941-1943
Overall production: ? units
Engine: 16hp/3800rpm, 1-cyl, 4-stroke
SV, 595cc
Bore/Stroke: 85/108 mm
Compression ratio: 4,8...5,0 : 1
Clearance between tappet and valve stem intake: 0,15...0,18 mm; exhaust: 0,2...0,25 mm
Spark plugs: 18 mm
Carburettor: MK-17 (of Amal type)
19k photo of 1938(?) TIZ-AM-600, knee rubber27k photo of 1938(?) TIZ-AM-60093k photo of TIZ-AM-600Ignition: magdino MD-1
Battery: 6V3MT-16
Transmission: chain
Length: ?mm, width: ?mm,
saddle height: 700mm
Wheelbase: 1420mm
Road clearance: 125mm
Gearbox: separate, 4-speed
23k photo of 1938(?) TIZ-AM-60053k photo of TIZ-AM-600Weight: 185 kg (dry), 205 kg (ready to go)
Maximal speed: 95 km/h (solo), minimal - 13 km/h
Tyres: 4x19 inches
Tyre pressures (bar): front - 1,5, rear - 2,0
Fuel capacity: 17 L
Fuel consumption: 5,7 L/100km
Photos are from:
Vladimir Kolotovkin (Moscow, Club RKKA, VARS), owner of this very original green TIZ-AM600.
Maksim Cherman (Mariupol, Donetsk region, Ukraine).
Owner of the left motorcycle in 2nd row is Yuri Polyak (Chicago, Illinois, USA). The motorcycle is in restoration in Cherkassy Restoration Centre (Andrei Ruban), Ukraine.
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