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Stoewer Werke AG, Stettin, Germany.
1898 - 1944

Stoewer Greif Junior, 1936 - 1939, 100k photo.
Stoewer R200 Special and Typ 40, 1938-1940-1943, Wehrmacht kübelwagen, about 2000+4700 built
Stoewer R180 Spezial, 1936-1938, Wehrmacht kübelwagen, about 1000 built.
Stoewer Sedina, 193? - 1940, 32k and 22k photos of 1940 Pullman-Limousine Landaulette.
Stoewer Greif V8, 12k b/w photo
Stoewer Arkona, 1937-1940, 26k and 3k photo of 1938 Stoewer Arkona.
Stoewer Arkona, 8k photo of 1938 Limousine.
Stoewer M12 RW, 1935-1936, Reichswehr/Wehrmacht kübelwagen, 569 built, 51k and 71k photo
Stoewer R140, 82k photo.
Stoewer R140?, 20k 1934 photo.
Stoewer G15, 1928-1933, 48k photo (18 V 1930).
Stoewer G15, 1928-1933, 46k and 29k photo (10 V 1931).
Stoewer V5, 1931-1932, 25k 1935 photo.
Stoewer D5, 1920-1923, 67k photo.
Stoewer D5?, 15k 1925 photo.
Stoewer ? model, 1907 photo, 132k and 16k photos.
Stoewer ? model, 190? photo, 37k photo.
Photos are from:
eBay Deutschland.
Auto Review magazine, Russia.
"Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechslovakia.
"Die Chronik des Automobils" by Hans-Otto Neubauer.
Oldtimer Markt magazine, Germany.
Rain Vaikla (Estonia).
Stoewer passenger car production
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