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35k photo of 1944 Steyr-1500A cargo17k photo of 1942-1944 Steyr-1500A/0190k photo of Steyr-1500A cargo
Steyr-270 1500A (A - Allrad Antrieb, all-wheel drive)

Years of production: 1941 - 1944
4x4 1,5-ton truck and modifications
Overall production: 12450 examples (+ about 5600, co-produced in 1943-1944 by Wanderer Werke Siegmar (86k b/w))
Engine: 86hp/3000rpm, V8-cyl overhead-valve (OHV) air-cooled petrol engine, 3517cc
Bore/Stroke: 78/92 mm
Length: 5080mm, width: 2030mm, height: 2320mm
Clearance: 275mm; wheelbase: 3250mm
Gearbox: 4 speeds + 1 back gear
2-speed transfer box with front axle disconnect
71k photo of 1942-1944 Steyr-1500A Kfz.2127k photo of 1941-1942 Steyr-1500A Kfz.7028k photo of 1942-1944 Steyr-1500A/01 Kfz.70Clutch: dry plate
Electrics: 12 Volt
Brakes: Hydraulic, 4 wheels Rear differential lock
Weight: 2485-2500 kg
Maximal speed: 90 km/h (offroad - 45 km/h)
Tyres: Offroad 190-20 or 7,25-20 inches (or special desert tyres for Africa Corps - 270-16)
Fuel tank capacity: 100 L
Fuel consumption: 24 L/100km (offroad - 36 L/100km)
35k photo of 1942-1944 Steyr-1500A/0137k photo of 1941-1942 Steyr-1500A/02 Kfz.21 kommandeurwagen46k photo of 1942-1944 Steyr-1500A/01 Kfz.70Most numerous were Kfz. 70 Mannschaftswagen (8-seater personnel carrier).
In 1941-1942 Steyr-1500A automobiles had turnable spares in the middle of the body. They disappeared on late versions (1942-1944).
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