Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Salmson (only before 1945).
1921-1957 Société des moteurs Salmson, Billancourt, Seine, France.

The production continued until 1957, but this is topic for another sites.
Salmson S4D, ?-1939-?, 4-cyl. 2xOHC, 1600 cm3, 77k photo of cabriolet from "Svet Motoru", CSSR.
Salmson S4E61, ?-1938-1939, 4-cyl. 2xOHC, 2300 cm3, 20k and 35k photo of 1938 cabriolet from Classic Car Collection.
Salmson S4-61, 1939, 4-cyl. 2xOHC, 1730 cm3 from "A-Z of Cars of the 1930s", M.Sedgwick & M.Gillies
Salmson S4 (10-30 HP), 1930-1933, 4-cyl. 2xOHC, 1300 cm3, 21k and 27k photo of 1931 roadster from Classic Car Collection.
Pre-1933 models:
Salmson GS (Grand Sport, 10-20 HP), 1925-1930, 4-cyl. 2xOHC, 1087 cm3
Salmson (by license from G.N. (UK)), 1921-?, 4-cyl. 2xOHC, 1087 cm3

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