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If phone number begins with (095), this is Moscow phone code. The code of Russia is 7.
Automobiles (in alphabet order):

24.10.01 For Adler Trumpf Junior limousine needed: door glasses, wheel disks, front label, steering wheel label and others. E-mail: Phone: (095) 974-93-93, Alexander (in Moscow). Please speak Russian. Otherwise E-mail to editor with Subject "for Aleksandr".
30.11.02 For Aero 30 needed: new carburettor. E-mail:, Ron, South California, USA.
28.2.02 Suche für Aero 30: Motor (Motorblock). E-mail:, Walter Wiedermann.
1.4.02 For Aero 50 roadster (1936) needed: parts and literature. E-mail:, Calin Balanescu (Bucharest, Romania).
24.10.01 For 1934 Audi Front UW needed: backbone frame, fuel tank (in front of dashboard), front- and rear bumper, headlights, instruments, wheel disks and others. E-mail: Phone: (095) 974-93-93, Alexander (in Moscow). Please speak Russian. Otherwise E-mail to editor with Subject "for Aleksandr".
16.6.02 For 1935 Audi Front UW Gläser 4-fenster cabriolet needed: all the information and interior foto, and all the maintenance manuals, driver manuals and so on. E-mail:, Domenico (in Turin, Italy).
24.10.01 For 1937 Audi Front 225 needed: bars of front- and rear suspension, set of seats, instruments, headlights, hand brakes lever, gearbox lever and others. E-mail: Phone: (095) 974-93-93, Alexander (in Moscow). Please speak Russian. Otherwise E-mail to editor with Subject "for Aleksandr".
12.12.00 needed engine for 1914-1916 Austin 3-ton lorry. E-mail:, David Rowe.
18.4.01 needed manual and parts for 1937 Austin 12/4 and good clear picture of it. E-mail:, Nilukshan Perera.
12.6.01 For a BMW 315 cabriolet needed: manuals and other literature to assemble this car. Also seeking for owners of the same car. E-mail:, George van Ruijven, the Netherlands.
20.1.02 For BMW-326 parts and literature needed. E-mail:, ph. home 372-7-367867, mob. 055-610535, Paul (Estonia).
27.8.01 Spares for EMW 340 or BMW 321/326 are needed: complete, engines, cosmetics spares etc. Will collect, anything considered. Phone +27-83-324-0910 or fax +27-11-475-8464 or E-mail: (South Africa).
22.3.01 for 1939 BMW 327/328 80 hp needed: carburators, aluminium heads, valve cover and manifold with gaskets. Marcio Goncalves, E-mail:, 10441 NW 28 street # A-105, Miami Florida, USA, 33172. Phone / fax (786) 845-0845.
9.5.01 For BMW 327 cabriolet: instrument panel, speedometer, instrument of petrol level, water- and oil temperature, oil pressure, watch. Michael Przibilski, Wariner Str. 26, 19412 Brüel, Deutschland, tel. ( 03 84 83 ) 2 24 44.
14.10.02 For 1962 BMW 502 sedan looking for: windshield rubbers - front and rear. E-mail:, Pedro Aranda (Paraguay).
22.2.02 Rear-hub for a 1939 Buick Roadmaster is needed. E-mail: Larry.Brewer@COSCC.COSCC.CC.TN.US (USA).
16.10.01 Parts for a 1951 Cadillac are needed, basically the dashboard instrumental panel. E-mail:, Aniruddh Kasliwal (India).
25.11.02 For 1928 Chevrolet pickup needed: two chrome headlight rims, two turnlights (complete), two back lights (complete), electric switch for the lights (for the internal panel), front-window + it's frame, 5 wheels, etc.. E-mail:, Dario Casas (Argentine).
23.9.01 For 1929 Chevrolet 2-door needed: front-window + it's frame, 5 wheels, etc.. E-mail:, Pierre Kennis (Holland).
7.3.02 For 1933 Chevrolet Master Eagle Sport Coupe needed: Seats to the rumble seat (condition doesn't matter), Hub caps (condition doesn't matter), Metal spare tire cover (condition doesn't matter), Other parts to make it able to restore the car could be interesting. And it would be very interesting to have contacts with people who have old chevys., Birger (Sweden).
2.1.01 looking for a drive shaft/ axle, for the right nahd site of a Chevrolet Six, Master Coupe 1933. E-mail: (the Netherlands).
26.7.01 for 1937 Chevrolet trying to locate a glove box door. If at all possible one with a clock but would take one without. E-mail:, Wil Ross, Newfoundland, Canada.
10.11.02 for 1938 Chevrolet 2-door sedan searching for the metal that surrounds the door windows (window garnish mouldings). E-mail:, Jason Clark, Illinois, USA.
20.9.01 looking for front badge for 1942 Chevrolet. E-mail:, Argentina.
22.6.01 Looking for body parts for a 1927 Chrysler. E-mail:, Ron.
16.11.02 Looking for pictures and parts for a Chrysler Royal sedan from 1929. E-mail:, Niels (Holland).
30.7.02 For 1926 Dodge coupe needed: a head for this 4 cylinder motor that is in excellent condition; a steering wheel made for steel and wood; 2 head light rings. E-mail:, Tom (Washington state, USA).
20.9.01 Needed: transmission for 1928 Dodge Brothers. E-mail:, Alvaro, in Columbia.
14.9.01 needed for 1928 Dodge Senior Six 4-door sedan: parts including (but not limited to) front fenders and brackets, radiator & shell, headlights & bar, instrument cluster, inside door handles and window cranks. E-mail:, ph. (805) 524-3806, Postal mail: Wendi Mitchell , P.O. Box 443 , Fillmore, CA USA , 93016.
4.6.01 looking for a head gascet for 28 Dodge Victory 6. coup tork head and pattern. James M Christy, USA. E-mail :
15.4.01 for 1931 Dodge Brothers Sport Roadster: hubcaps in good shape are needed. E-mail:, ph. 360-833-8094 (USA).
6.11.01 for 1935 Dodge: look for A top molding kit. E-mail: (Texas, USA).
5.6.01 for a 36 Dodge single seat coupe needed: all the hood and side chrome, front and rear Dodge Brother emblems, and a right stoplight and stalk. E-mail:
12.7.02 for 1936, 1937 Dodge hubcaps are needed. E-mail:, Gaurav Garg, New Delhi, India.
21.3.01 Mike (Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA) is seeking for chrome trim and interior parts to restore his 1939 Dodge D11 4-door Fastback Sedan.
11.9.02 for 1942 Dodge business coupe parts needed. The most important is the drivers side taillight lens and the window cranks (both), the interior and exterior door handles and the dash board knobs (the white ones). E-mail:, Kimberly Peckham (USA).
26.11.02 for Ford TT needed: a "new" Left running board, does anyone have one they would swap a right one for? I have three rights ones no left ones in good shape. Mine have that little boot scraper on the end, see picture. E-mail:, ph. (570) 448-9056 (there is an answering machine), Mark Golding (USA).
21.11.02 for Ford BB (157-in. wheelbase, Australian cab) everything is needed. E-mail:, John Perry (Australia).
6.2.02 for a 1938 Ford Eifel literature is needed. E-mail:,, Marina (Romania).
11.6.02 for 1939 Ford Eifel cabriolet needed: bumpers, tail lights, fender skirts, turn signal arms, literature and this model clubs data. E-mail:, Richard Dobbelmann, (Centerville, Minnesota, USA).
11.2.01 for a 1939 Ford Standard or a 38 Deluxe a right side engine panel is needed: pair to this one. E-mail:, Mike (Canada).
21.10.02 Wanted for GAZ A emblem. E-mail:, David (USA).
22.3.02 Wanted for GAZ AA and MM: information on technical details of these vehicles, particularly from examination of existing examples. The purpose is my attempt to fabricate a replica of a GAZ MM from American Ford parts. I need photos of the engine on the carburator side, details of the air cleaner and a view of the cab firewall on the passenger side. Also what did the tailgate of the MM bed look like? What is the design of the GAZ emblem? Was the instrument panel on wartime models electroplated or painted black. Was it identical to the American one or different? I am seeking a speedometer, ampmeter with letters in Russian, carburator, air cleaner, radiator emblem and instrument panel. In exchange for information, I can help with locating parts and information for American vehicles. I will pay fair price for good parts if delivery can be ensured. I may be able to find parts of American vehicles for exchange. I have many parts for the American Ford AA. Vern Anderson. E-mail: (USA).
24.12.00 Looking for the following literature (original, not copies): 1. Atlas Konstruktsii Sovetskikh Avtomobilei E.A. Chudakov 1938 2. Atlas Konstruktsii Sovetskikh Avtomobilei E.A. Chudakov, Ya. E. Malakhovski 1951-1954 Volumes 1-5, 3. GAZ 13 Chaika Parts Catalog, Russian or English, 4. GAZ 13 Chaika Repair Manual, Russian or English. Please contact Tim. E-mail: (USA).
14.10.02 For GAZ (Warszawa) M20 looking for: 2 chrome rings for the headlights and the white plastic parts on the dashboard. E-mail:, Robert, the Netherlands.
17.1.02 For GAZ-20 cabriolet needed: cabriolet roof system. Antiquarian Cars Owners Club "Dilizanas" ("stagecoach"). Klaipeda, Lithuania. Tel: +370-6-360424, Fax: +370-6-380650 E-mail:
6.8.02 Looking for steering wheel for GAZ M21 "Volga". E-mail:, Lex, the Netherlands.
3.7.02 Looking for the deer on the hood for Wolga Gaz -21. Peter. E-mail (Toronto, Canada).
24.10.00 Looking for GAZ M21 "Volga" spare parts: trim parts, brakes parts, engine parts, chrome, no body parts! E-mail:, Denis Lösekamm, Germany.
12.9.02 Looking for GAZ 67B spare parts, especially air filter, but all the parts are interesting too. E-mail:, Mobil: +42 0606 602 647. Phone: +42 0506 486 688. Fax: +42 0506 486 170, Jiri, Czech Republic.
30.3.01 For 1942 GMC suburban: looking for a good stock engine and trans. E-mail:
17.1.01 For 1936 Graham needed: good grille. E-mail:
28.12.02 for 1926 Hanomag needed: steering wheel. E-mail:, Christian Kostrau. CK Marketing Solutions. 1904 Somerset Road, Long Beach, IN. 46360-1431, Tel: 219-874-0159, Fax:219-874-0094, Chicago office: 773-988-8853 (USA).
4.1.01 Wanted pats for Horch-853, 830. Ph. (095) 438-07-42, 330-68-60, Vartan. Please speak in Russian. You can also E-mail to editor, but better contact straightly to the owner.
16.1.02 For Horch 830 Pullman-Limousine (TYPE 830, Wagen Nr 847405, Motor Nr 846274, Hubraum cm3 3492, Brems PS 75, Gewicht kg 1950) needed: photos, interior views, literature. Sergei (in Ukraine), E-mail:
24.10.01 For Horch 830 needed: rear axle, engine with environment, wheel disks and others. E-mail: Phone: (095) 974-93-93, Alexander (in Moscow). Please speak Russian. Otherwise E-mail to editor with Subject "for Aleksandr".
8.5.00 wanted for Horch 830 BL Kabriolet: engine, pads, cardan, rear part of body "corrugated", rear axle gears and semiaxles, leaf springs, clutch with cylinder, bobbins and relay, set of seats, wheel discs, rear brakes and wheel discs, steering wheel and horn button, rear window frame, engine for windscreen cleaners, handbrake, bumper fangs (3 pieces), dashboard handles, clock, headlights, fog light, rear lights, number plate light, front fenders sidelights, instruments, grille, inner handles for door opening, inner mirror, rear luggage grille, rubber for outer footboard, badges, ashtrays. E-mail:, Leonas Klimavicius, Lithuania. Preferrably messages in German, please.
31.7.01 Suche für Horch-853A: einen HORCH-Motor 8-Zyl. Reihe, das Getriebe mit Ferngang, die Vorderachse und die Hinterachse. E-mail: Franz Günthner, Deutschland.
24.10.01 For Horch 930 V needed: radiator grille, dampers of front- and rear suspension, engine, gearbox, wheel disks, set of seats, pair of cabriolet mechanics "compasses" and others. E-mail: Phone: (095) 974-93-93, Alexander (in Moscow). Please speak Russian. Otherwise E-mail to editor with Subject "for Aleksandr".
24.10.01 For Horch 951 needed: rear axle, engine, gearbox, instruments, headlights and others. E-mail: Phone: (095) 974-93-93, Alexander (in Moscow). Please speak Russian. Otherwise E-mail to editor with Subject "for Aleksandr".
7.6.01 Needed for 1947 Hudson Super Six: hold of a Glove Box lid, interior and exterior door handles, window windersm etc, etc. E-mail:, Quiza Gunter, South Africa.
2.7.02 Needed both rear fenders for a 1934 International pickup. E-mail:, Rick Stone, USA.
3.3.02 Needed for 1934-1937 International (IHC) pickup: front bumper, headlight lenses, rad cap, slotted rims, etc.. Preferably from North America, due to logistics of obtaining parts, etc. E-mail:, Ken, Calgary, Canada.
24.5.02 For 1936 La Salle needed: engine and grille. E-mail:, Carlos (Madrid).
4.1.03 For 1938 Lincoln Lebaron needed: owner manual. E-mail: (in Jordan).
12.3.02 For 1946/47 Lincoln Zephyr V-12 conv. needed: the rocker panel moldings, rear lights, complete convertible top with glass, trunk emblem, headlight switch knob. E-mail:, Ray (Miami, Florida, USA).
4.1.03 For a 1925 Maxwell coupe needed: 2 door skins and a deck lid. E-mail:, Jason and Jan Barber (USA).
24.10.01 For Mercedes-Benz 290 needed: front- and rear bumper, radiator and grille, engine W18 and environment to it, and others. E-mail: Phone: (095) 974-93-93, Alexander (in Moscow). Please speak Russian. Otherwise E-mail to editor with Subject "for Aleksandr".
5.11.00 for 1935 Mercedes 170V complete Gearbox is needed. E-mail:, Ali Al-Ali, Kuwait.
29.6.02 Parts for 1938 Mercedes 170V roadster needed. E-mail:, Sunil Bhatia, "Star Motors India".
12.9.02 for a 1942 Mercedes-Benz, Model 170V, Cabriolet B, five place convertible needed: sidemount spare fenders with all bracketing and parts and a non-pare tire decklid with the rear body panel with the decklid opening. Also need correct tailight assemblies. E-mail:, Marion Lynn, 1881 East 1450 Road, Post Office Box 841, Lawrence, Kansas, 66044 USA.
5.4.02 for 1930's Mercedes-Benz 200 W21 kurz 4-door Limousine needed: front bumper, some details and some close up pictures. E-mail:, Jørgen Herlufsen, Danmark.
5.6.02 for 1930's Mercedes-Benz 230 needed: driver's door-opening outer handle. E-mail:, Joaquin Campos, Spain.
14.2.01 for 1939-1942 Mercedes 770K W150 engine and transmission are needed. E-mail:, Zsolt Nagy, Hungary.
22.8.02 For 1939 Mercury Serie 99A town sedan spare parts needed. E-mail:,, Fernando (Caracas, Venezuela).
17.1.02 For 1954 Mercury needed: spare parts and information. Antiquarian Cars Owners Club “Dilizanas” (“stagecoach”). Klaipeda, Lithuania. Tel: +370-6-360424, Fax: +370-6-380650 E-mail:
26.6.02 For a 1937 Nash Ambassador (6 cylinder overhead, dual ignition) looking for a hood ornament, tail light, rubbers for around the front & rear windshields, and a fuel pump. E-mail:, Noel Boucher (Nova Scotia, Canada).
4.4.01 Searching parts for 1933 Opel 12LG 4seater Cabrio. Please e-mail to, Frank Nieuwenhuis, Luxembourg.
14.9.04 looking for the radiator grille for 1936 Opel Olympia (older model with the flat grille). E-mail: (Poland).
15.4.02 for 1938-1940 Opel Olympia 1,5-Liter parts needed, especially radiator / water expansion tank / exhaust. E-mail:, Derek Martin, London.
13.8.02 For Opel 2,0 Liter needed: rear bumper, radiator grill, spare wheel cover, complete engine gasket set. Also blueprint of the exhaust system and engine settings and clearances data. E-mail:, John (Ostend, Belgium).
29.5.02 All military parts for restoration of 1951 Opel as a war time Blitz version: Notek front lamp, speedometer, gas and oil pressure gauge, whindshield whippers, door knobs and all other external parts. Also tech drawnings or close up pictures of cabin wood structure, seats, seat frame, dashboard, rear mudguards, rear body, canvas cover and frame. Contact: J. Barone, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2.7.01 for 1951 Opel-Blitz Typ 2,5-32 radiator grille emblem is needed. Jörg Brüwer (Köln (Cologne), Germany).
11.7.02 Looking for catalog and parts for 1956 Opel Kapitän. E-mail:, Oksana (in Kiev).
11.1.01 for a 1934 Plymouth coupe needed: screen that goes on the cowling vent. E-mail:, Warren (Delaware, USA).
12.6.01 for 1938 Plymouth: looking for windshield wipers and trunk hinges. E-mail: (USA?).
27.6.02 for 1939 Plymouth P8 needed: generator. E-mail:, Juan Carlos, Puerto Rico.
1.9.01 for 1940 Plymouth P9 Roadking needed: the top part of the hood, rear fenders, trunk lid. E-mail:, Robert - Vancouver Washington.
16.7.02 for a 1944 Jagdpanzer 38 with a Praga epa Typ TZJ 6 cylinder gasoline engine looking for a Bosch typ SR/6R/16 Magneto complete with drive gear and a Bosch typ RKCN 300/12-1300 Generator. This is for The Canadian Armed Forces Base Borden Military Museum. E-mail:, Neil M. Harris.
27.4.02 for 1955 Renault Galion pieces are needed. E-mail: (France)
15.11.00 for 1911-1920 Rolls-Royce mascot is needed. Ph. (095) 548-98-63, E-mail:, Vladimir Yegorovich.
8.9.02 for 1936 Skoda Popular Limousine front axle is needed. E-mail:, Kirill (Germany).
30.5.04 for SMZ needed: front piece of metal with stamped letters. E-mail:, Hannu Aalto, Tampere, Finland.
4.1.01 Wanted for Steyr: 6-cylinder motor OHV. Ph. (095) 438-07-42, 330-68-60, Vartan. Please speak in Russian. You can also E-mail to editor, but better contact straightly to the owner.
7.3.05 for Steyr 100 (1934-1936) : distributor Bosch VE 4 ARS 138 and other parts needed. E-mail:, Bogdan, Romania.
30.1.01 for Stoewer R200 Special: 5 wheels are needed. E-mail:, Austria.
10.7.02 for Triumph T2 spareparts-list or copy is needed. E-mail:, Stefan, Germany.
16.12.01 for Unic type P107 halftrack artillery tractor wanted: fenders, rubber belts, headlights, top, seats, intruments and other parts. E-mail:, Audun Asphjell, Norway.
18.12.00 for Wanderer W22 looking for radiator + radiator's grid+service-book+documents. E-mail:, Francois Christe, Longe-Coca 6, CH 2016 Cortaillod, Switzerland.
14.10.02 For GAZ (Warszawa) M20 looking for: 2 chrome rings for the headlights and the white plastic parts on the dashboard. E-mail:, Robert, the Netherlands.
6.11.02 for 1936 Willys 77 1933-1936 parts are needed: doors and front end (steel), also 33-36 frontend will work and any bodies, coupes. E-mail:, Doug (USA).
30.5.04 Radiator badges needed: ZIS 101 and 110 (radiator badge and wheel cover badge), any ZiL cars. E-mail:, Hannu Aalto, Tampere, Finland.
20.7.01 for ZiS-110 parts needed. E-mail: Ph.: (code in Bulgaria - 088) 35-32-97, Liuben Ivanov (in Sofia).
24.10.01 Needed: 17" wheel disks and German rubber. E-mail: Phone: (095) 974-93-93, Alexander (in Moscow). Please speak Russian. Otherwise E-mail to editor with Subject "for Aleksandr".
24.10.01 Needed: German additional headlight on bumper, search light, underbonnet- and outer sound signals. E-mail: Phone: (095) 974-93-93, Alexander (in Moscow). Please speak Russian. Otherwise E-mail to editor with Subject "for Aleksandr".

Motorcycles (in alphabet order):
13.10.02 for Ariel 500, 1945, two port (VH or VG model? - engine No: CK447, frame No: BP1339) needed: Conrad bearing, part no: 1080-37. E-mail:, Haukur Richardsson, Iceland.
22.6.02 Needed parts for BMW R5, 6, 51, 61, 66, 71: fork, lamp, a protection sheet, speedometer, mot roof rack, frame, carburetter Fischer Amal 6/420 SR+SL, 6/432 SR+SL, M75/426 S, Graetzin G24. E-mail:, Alex aus Berlin (Germany).
22.11.02 for BMW R6 needed: frame. E-mail:, Luigi Picollo (Italy).
19.11.02 looking for all BMW R12 parts. Especially for a gearbox, a headlight, a front fork and all other parts, also for my Royal sidecar. Christoph Koehlen / E-mail:
20.1.02 suche eine sehr gute Kurbelwelle für BMW R12. E-mail:, Jürgen (in Saarland, Germany).
11.1.02 for BMW R 12 needed: two cylinders in good condition and magneto Bosch D2 BRS 172. E-mail:, Przemek (in Poznan, Poland).
5.12.02 for 1937 BMW R35 needed: original or compatible EMW carburetor. E-mail: Lance Konkle, 8444 Vernon Circle, Williamsville, NY 14221, USA, phone: 716.440.7085, fax: 716.851.1867.
17.9.02 for 1947 BMW R35 parts needed. E-mail:, Martin, Australia.
7.2.02 for BMW R35 needed: complete handlebar including the levers. E-mail:, Jouko Kuisma, Lahti, Finland.
28.6.01 for BMW R35 parts needed. E-mail:, Alex, Finland.
28.2.99 for 1949-1952 BMW R35: carburator, energy generator, the start switch and the beam are needed. Please write, subject for Diego Andres, Mexico.
26.7.01 Needed: motor (engine) BMW R68, R69 or even R69/s. E-mail:, Ph. (632) 9230679, Tomas L. Morato (Philippines).
21.11.00 Needed: eyebrow bezels for a 1966 BMW R69S motorcycle. E-mail:, Dale A. Thomas, 3585 Orange St. Norfolk, VA 23513, (757) 853-5482, USA. BMWMOA# 92858, VBMWMO# 6283.
25.11.00 looking for EMW 1955 used parts: dynamo, carburator, etc. E-mail:, Fax: 972-9-9518294, Israel.
13.6.01 Seeking for 1939 DKW RT3 100cc: literature, any parts. E-mail:, Piotr Gorecki, Poland. The market of old motorcycles and motor parts will take place in Poland in July. If anybody looks for something, please let me know.
15.3.01 Needed for DKW-RT3: 2 mud-guards (rear), 1 nave including the brake (front), 2 tires 26x2.25, Dinant Horck (the Netherlands). Suche für DKW-RT3: 2 Kotflügel (hinten), 1 nabe mit bremse, vorne, 2 Laufdecke-drahtballon 26x2,25, Dinant Horck (Niederlanden).
5.4.02 for DKW-RT3 97cc 2,5 hp needed a gas tank and seat. E-mail:, in Alberta, Canada.
30.6.02 For 1913 Douglas looking for any literature and parts. E-mail:, Andrei (Russia).
25.3.02 for Hoffmann 250 twin presumably from 1953 or 1954 needed: a gas tank, rear portion of back fender, rear drive unit, front engine cover and a solo seat, or any miscellaneous Hoffmann twin parts. E-mail:, Gordon (USA, shipping is not a problem).
17.1.03 For Izh-Planeta-2K needed: the Service Manual and the air filter covers. E-mail:, Timothy (USA).
23.7.01 for 1946 James 125cc needed: decals, misc other stuff. E-mail:, Larry.
20.1.03 for K-55 needed: instructions, repair manual and pictures. E-mail:, Kacper, Poland.
19.12.01 looking for M-72 literature (parts manuals, operating manuals, maintenance manuals, factory drawings, etc.). E-mail: Ronald M.B. Smith in Canada.
25.11.00 for Matchless G3L 1942-48 looking for a petrol tank. E-mail:, Fax: 972-9-9518294, Israel.
28.11.01 1938-1945 Puch 125 parts needed. E-mail:, Dennis, Illinois, USA
30.5.01 Looking for manuals or repair books for 1948 Puch 125. Bryan M. Corbett, E-mail:
20.11.01 I look for any materials like information, literature, parts etc. concerning Sokol 1000. E-mail: , Marcin, Poland. Speak Russian, English, German.
10.7.02 Searching parts for a Standard 350 Rex Sport Königswelle from 1934 (Standard lateral engine): valve buttons + cards, back mudgards and wheels, one brake pedal, one escapement. WIRGOT Véronique, Rue du Luxembourg, 37, 5570 BEAURAING - Belgique, Tél : 082/21.94.13, E-mail:
18.3.02 Looking parts for TIZ-AM600: Front fork. Rear part of the frame. Gear wheel for magneto. Spring for kickstart lever. Primary transmission cover. Driver seat. Instruments (speedometer etc.). Handlebar plus ancillaries. Suche TIZ-AM600 teile: Trapezgabel. Rahmen-Hinterteil. Zahnrad für Zündmagnet. Kickstarter-Feder. Deckel für Primärantrieb. Fahrersattel. Instrumente (Tachometer etc.). Lenker und Armaturen. Alexander Müller, Römerstrasse 9, 73560 Böbingen. Tel. 0049 7173 3883 (at weekend). Tel. 0049 89 3192829 (at evening). E-mail:
30.11.02 For 1941 Triumph BD 250 (German Triumph, TWN) needed: carburettor and original piston. E-mail:, Grzegorz (Sosnowiec, Poland).
25.8.02 For Triumph T4 (German Triumph, TWN) needed: front wheel with stamped "Fichtel und Sachs, Schweinfurt A. M., Model 294, TR." on the surface of the brake plate. E-mail:, Wiglef Kutschke (Germany).
8.3.01 Looking for original colours, maintenance and removal handbooks and spare parts for Triumph Deutschland Herren-Mofa 1935-1939 (Mod. TS 100). Miguel Paulete, Huelva, Espana. Telf.Fax: 34-95950209, E-mail:
25.3.02 for TWN BDG 250 about 1953 miscellaneous parts are needed. E-mail:, Gordon (USA, shipping is not a problem).
24.6.16 Looking for everything for a little motorized Motorcycle produced by the Trojan Bubble car (of Great Britain) company in the 1960's with engine by the American Clinton Chainsaw company. E-mail:, Paul Seabury (Great Britain).
21.3.02 Needed: magdino Bosch D1A LS, or exchange, I have BOSCH B145 LS42 and 1930's bronze carburetter AMAL 6/025 GC4163, presumably from NSU 500 cc. E-mail:, Sasha, in Moscow.
4.5.02 Technical data from motorcycle Wanderer model 3 PS, Year 1918 is needed. E-mail:, in Argentina.
24.10.00 Needed: Carburettor for 1929 Wanderer, 2-cylinder, worm drive. E-mail:, Horst Filtzer. Motorcycle is in Berlin.
26.11.02 Parts needed for Zündapp K350. (You can write me Russian, Deutsch or English). E-mail:, Jorma Kinnunen, Kuopio, Finland.
30.1.01 Needed for Zündapp KS 600: front fork, front and rear fender (mudguards), driver, passenger seat with fittings for bags, sidecar BW38, cover for gas-tank. E-mail:, Frank, Germany.
8.10.02 For Zündapp KS 750 parts needed. E-mail:, Roland, Germany.

Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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