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1937 Terraplane
  Brougham, 28k and 28k photo from eBay.
  Coupe, 30k photo from Hemmings Motor News.
  Convertible Brougham, 16k photo from Hemmings Motor News.
1936 Terraplane, 22k photo of Touring Brougham, 47k Rumbleseat Coupe
1935 Terraplane, 26k and 18k photo of 4-dr. Suburban Sedan from eBay
1934 Terraplane
  Convertible Coupe, 18k photo from eBay Deutschland and 22k photo, courtesy of Wayne Graefen, owner of this magnificient car.
  Coupe, 27k photo.
  Coach, 16k photo from Veteran Bazar & Museum.

Thanks a lot to Albert Kopans for powerful assistance.
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