Oldtimer gallery. Passenger cars of pre-1932 makes, the Netherlands.

Altena, 1902-1907 (50 built), 33k b/w photo of 1906 car
Autolette, 1903-1907
Bij't Vuur, 1902-1905
Entrop, 1909, 56k b/w photo
Eysink, 1897-1919 (1920?) (400 built)
Omnia, 1907-1911 (100 built), 65k b/w photo
Simplex, 1898-1921 (225 built), 79k b/w photo
Spyker, (1899?) 1900-1926 (2000 built), 22k b/w photo

Data and photos are from Jan de Vries (the Netherlands), some data - from the book "The 3-Wheelers Almanac" by John Cleve Graham (Australia) and from Witold Rychter's book "Dzieje samochodu" (Warsaw, 1979).
Thanks a lot to them for help.
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