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1938-1940, Ford-Vairogs ??, Riga, Latvia.

Ford-Vairogs V8 Standart, 1939-1940, 29k fordor and 22k coupe. Copy of 1939 American Ford-V8 92A
Ford-Vairogs V8 De Luxe, 1939-?, 26k b&w photo. Copy of 1939 American Ford-V8 91A
Ford-Vairogs Taunus, 1939, 64k b&w photo. Copy of 1939 German Ford Taunus, 96k b/w photo
Ford-Vairogs Junior, 1938, 67k b&w photo. Copy of 1937 British Ford 10 Prefect
Ford-Vairogs Junior for Latvian army, 1939, 42k b&w photo, 18 built
Ford-Vairogs technical data: 49k in Latvian, 71k in English.
Some 200 of Ford-Vairogs cars were built. Vairogs means Shield.
Photos are from Victor Levine, Edvins Liepins, Riga, and "the Automobile", Latvia, 1997.
Thanks a lot for help to Victor Levine and to Viesturs Radovics, Jurmala, Latvia.
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