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97k image of Mercedes-Benz 320 Kübelwagen
Mercedes-Benz 320WK (Wehrmacht Kübelwagen) W142 III

Years of production: 1936-1939
Overall production: 1764 units, see Production table
4x2 staff car
Length: 4555mm, width: 1810mm, height: 1715mm
Wheelbase: 2880mm
Engine: 78hp/4000rpm, straight 6-cyl, 4-stroke 3,207cc
43k image of Mercedes-Benz 320 KübelwagenCompression ratio: 6,5 : 1
Bore/Stroke: 82.5/100mm
Clutch: dry single plate, Komet-Mecano, F&S
Front wheel track: 1475mm
Rear track: 1494mm
Rear axle clearance: 200mm
Turning radius: 5.5m
39k image of Mercedes-Benz 320 KübelwagenCarburettor: 1 twin falling flow Solex32 JFF
Battery: 12V, 62,5 A*h
Gearbox: 4 speeds ZF AKS-20 (ZahnradFabrik) with synchronized I - IV
Ratios: I - 4,00; II - 2,25; III - 1,50; IV - 1,00; rear - 4,33
Hydraulical shoe brakes on all wheels
Weight: 1710 kg
Maximal speed: 118 km/h
Tyres: 6.50x20 inches offroad
Fuel tank capacity: 140 L
Fuel consumption: 17 L/100km, offroad - ? L/100km
Cooling system capacity: 13 L
Oil capacity: 8 L
Steel doors were removable.
One image is from "4x4 Club" magazine, Russia, article by Denis Orlov.
The rest images and some data are from Werner Oswald's book "Mercedes-Benz Personenwagen 1886-1986", 1987, Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart.
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