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28k photo of 1939 Mercedes-Benz-320 Cabriolet B131k image of Mercedes-Benz 320 4-door 4-light Limousine95k image of Mercedes-Benz 320 Pullman-Limousine
Mercedes-Benz 320 lang (W142)

Years of production: II 1937-1942
Overall production: 4037 + 1041, see Production table
Body modifications (price in RM):
Chassis: 6800 RM
Limousine (4-door 4-light): 8950 RM, 1937-42, length: 5100mm, width: 1770mm, height: 1640mm
Pullman-Limousine: 9800 RM, 1937-38-42, length: 5250mm, width: 1850mm, height: 1790mm
91k image of 1938 Mercedes-Benz 320 Tourenwagen48k image of 1940 Mercedes-Benz 320 Ambulance74k image of Mercedes-Benz 320 Pullman-Cabriolet FTourenwagen (4-door 6-seater): 9900 RM, 1937-42
Cabriolet B (2-door, 4-light): 9900 RM, 1937-42, length: 5100mm, width: 1770mm, height: 1600mm
Cabriolet D (4-door, 4-light): 10400 RM, 1937-42, length: 5100mm, width: 1770mm, height: 1600mm
Pullman-Cabriolet F (4-door, 6-light): 12500 RM, 1937-42
Cabriolet A (2-light 2+1): 13500 RM, 1937-40, length: 5100mm, width: 1770mm, height: 1520mm
18k image of 1938 Mercedes-Benz-320 Cabriolet B42k image of 1937-38 Mercedes-Benz-320 Pullman-Limousine83k image of 1938 Mercedes-Benz-320 Pullman-LandauletRoadster (2+2-seater): 13500 RM, only 1937
Stromlinien-Limousine: 14500 RM, until 1938
Miscellaneous bodies by special order.
Wheelbase: 3300mm
Engine: 78hp/4000rpm, straight 6-cyl, 4-stroke 3,207cc (early); 78hp/4000rpm, straight 6-cyl, 4-stroke 3,405cc (since Autumn 1938)
43k image of 1938-42 Mercedes-Benz-320 Pullman-Limousine41k image of Mercedes-Benz-320 Cabriolet A42k image of 1938 Mercedes-Benz-320 Pullman-LandauletCompression ratio: 5.6-7.25:1
Bore/Stroke: 82.5/100mm (85/100mm - since Autumn 1938)
Clutch: dry single plate, Komet-Mecano, F&S
Front wheel track: 1475mm
Rear track: 1500mm
38k image of 1938 Mercedes-Benz-320 Reise-Coupe39k image of Mercedes-Benz-320 Cabriolet D41k image of Mercedes-Benz 320 Pullman-Cabriolet FRear axle clearance: 200mm
Turning radius: 6.2m
Gearbox: 4 speeds Daimler-Benz (4 + overdrive - since Autumn 1938)
Hydraulical shoe brakes on all wheels
Weight: 1850-1950 kg
Maximal speed: 126 km/h
Tyres: 6.50x17 inches (Cabriolet F - 7.00x17)
Fuel tank capacity: 72+4.0 L
Fuel consumption: 18 L/100km
Photos are from:
91k image of 1938 tourenwagen is from "Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia. This car have been restored by M.Ellas from Brno.
Za Rulyom magazine, Russia.
Specialcar Magazine.
Classic Car Collection.
The rest images and some data are from Werner Oswald's book "Mercedes-Benz Personenwagen 1886-1986", 1987, Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart.
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