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132k image of 1936 Maybach-DS8 Zeppelin Spohn-Ravensburg Pullman-Landaulet143k image of 1938 Maybach-DS8 Zeppelin Spohn-Ravensburg 4-door 4-light Limousine with division122k image of 1935 Maybach-DS7 Zeppelin H.Graber&Wistrach (CH) 4-door cabriolet
(data for DS8)
Years of production: 1930-1939 (DS7 and DS8)
Overall production: ?
Engine: Maybach DS8 200hp/3600rpm, V12-cyl OHV, 4-stroke 7978cc
Compression ratio: 6.3 : 1
Bore/Stroke: 92/100mm
46k image of Maybach-Zeppelin Jaray(?) Stromlinien karosserie93k image of 1936 Maybach-DS8 Zeppelin Spohn-Ravensburg 4-door cabriolet59k image of 1937 Maybach-Zeppelin 4-door cabrioletLength: up to 5492mm, width: up to 1845mm, height: ?mm (different body makes and types)
Wheelbase: 3680mm or 3735mm, clearance - 180mm,
Front wheel track: 1520mm
Rear track: 1520mm
Rear axle clearance: ?mm
73k image of 1936 Maybach-DS8 Zeppelin Spohn-Ravensburg 2+2 cabriolet70k image of 1938 Maybach-DS8 Zeppelin Doerr&Schreck-Frankfurt/M 2+2 cabriolet60k image of 1936 Maybach-SW8 Zeppelin Spohn-Ravensburg 4-door cabrioletTurning radius: 7000mm
Gearbox: Maybach DS G 35, 5 speeds + rear
Weight: some 3790 kg
Maximal speed: 140-170 km/h
Tyres: 7.00-20, 7.50-20 inches
Fuel tank capacity: ? L
Fuel consumption: 30 L/100km (28 L/100km on highway)
Price: ? RM
Almost all the images are from Michael Graf Wolff Metternich's book "Das Maybach Register", 1981, Sieger Verlag Lorch/Wuerttemberg, Germany.
One image is from Wolfgang Roediger & Siegfried Herrmann's book "Autokorso 1886 bis 1936", Edition Leipzig, 1976.
The drawing is from "Stare samochody" book by Juraj Porazik, artist - Jan Oravec, Warsaw, 1981.
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