Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. Mack.
1936 Mack BG, 38k b/w image,
1936 Mack BM dumper, 52k b/w image,
1937 Mack C CabOverEngine, 23k b/w image,
? Mack E CabOverEngine, 43k b/w image,
WW2 Mack NR, 36k b/w image,
1944 Mack NJU Series C, 38k b/w image,
1945 Mack E model 45, 56k b/w photo of fire truck, owner - Frank Ploszay, USA.
1945 Mack 75 fire engine, 19k b/w image from THE AMERICAN AUTOMOTIVE MALL,
Mack pickups:
1936 Mack Jr. 1M, 23k b/w image,
? Mack 2M, 36k b/w image,
? Mack ED, 28k b/w image,

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