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33k photo of 1951 Tatra-600 Nr.433823k photo of 1951 Tatra-600 Nr.4338, front badge48k photo of 1951 Tatra-600 Nr.4338, dashboard
Tatra 600 "Tatraplan"
(Data for 1949 model)
Years of production:
(1948?)1949-1951-1953 (pre-series 1947 (Tatra 107))
Overall production: ?
4x2 rear-motor 4-door sedan
Engine: 52hp/4000rpm,
aircooled 4-cyl. boxer OHV, 1952cc
Bore/Stroke: 85/86 mm
Compression ratio: 6 : 1
44k photo of 1951 Tatra-600 Nr.4338, front compartment34k photo of 1951 Tatra-600 Nr.433837k photo of 1951 Tatra-600 Nr.4338, rear windowLength: 4,54m, width: 1,67m, height: 1,52m
Wheelbase: 2,70m
Carburetter: ?
Clutch: ?
Gearbox: ?-speed + back
Front suspension: parallelogram with 2
transversal leaf springs
Rear suspension: independent, with 2 coil springs
Front- and rear wheeltrack - 1,30m
69k photo of 1949-50 Tatra-600 from Konstantin Shishchits35k photo of 1951 Tatra-600 Nr.433820k photo of 1951 Tatra-600Weight: 1200 kg
Mechanical brakes on all wheels
Maximal speed: 130 km/h
Tyres: ? inches
Fuel tank capacity: ? L
Fuel consumption: 11 L/100km
Price: ?
3 cars built with non-petrol but oil engines.
In 1951 production was moved from Koprivnice to Mlada Boleslav.
1949 Tatra-60027k photo of 1951 Tatra-600 Nr.4338
Photos and data are from:
"Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia,
The Auto Collection,
The old photo is from family album of Konstantin Shishchits (Moscow).
The shot is dated of 1950, near Malahovka (Moscow region). On the left is Konstantin's grandfather - Nikolai Sergejevich Breus, on that time - general manager of the "Mospishchestroi" trust. On the right shauffeur of the car stays. The car belonged to the trust.
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