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1943-1944 Tatra-8000/111
Tatra 6500/111, 8000/111, 10000/111
(Data for cargo 1943-1944 6,5-ton model, for 8-ton and 10-ton - in parentheses)
Years of production: 1942-1944 (Tatra 111), ?-1951-1962 (Tatra 111R)
6x6 6,35-ton and 8-ton cargo truck, integral van, various specials
Overall production: 906 (in 1942-1944), 33690 in sum
Engine: Tatra T103, 210hp/2200rpm (Tatra 111R - 180hp/1800rpm) V12-cyl. OHV aircooled diesel,
Bore/Stroke: 110/130mm
1943-1944 Tatra-8000/111Dimensions: length - 8550mm, width - 2500mm, height - 2570mm (with canvas - 3100mm)
Cargo platform: length - 5500mm, width - 2350mm, board height - ?mm
Wheelbase: 4175+1220mm
Front wheel track: 2080mm, independent leaf-spring suspension
Rear track: 1800mm+1800mm, leaf-spring suspension
Road clearance: 270mm
Water ford depth: ?mm
33k photo of 1943-1944 Tatra-111 vanTurning radius: 10 m
Compression ratio: 16,5 : 1
Injection pump: 2, Bosch 150B (111R - Motorpal)
Battery: ? Volt, ? Ah
Steering: Zahnradfabrik-Ross
Clutch: dry twin plate
pre-1957 Tatra-111 dumptruckGearbox: 4-speed + back
Ratios: I - 5,29, II - 2,78, III - 1,62, IV - 1,00
Transfer box: 2-speed, highway - 1,82, offroad - 4,52
Differential ratio: 3,19
Air brakes: on all wheels, hand brakes - on cardan shaft
Backbone tubular frame
Weight: 6,5-ton - 8350kg; 8-ton - 8460kg; 10-ton - 9150kg
22k photo of post-1957 Tatra-111 craneMaximal speed on highway: 75 km/h (10-ton - 61,5 km/h)
Tyres: 10,50x20 or 270x20 inches (111R - 11,00x20 in.)
Fuel tank capacity: 160 Ltr. (111R - 135 Ltr.)
Fuel consumption (Diesel fuel): 29 Ltr./100km (36 Ltr./100km)
In 1943-1944 many Tatra-111 trucks had so called Einheits-cab to minimize expensive metal losses.

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Thanks for help to Liucijus Suslavičius (Vilnius), automobile historian and author of numerous publications.
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