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1912-1936, Stutz Motor Car Co., Indianapolis, Indiana, USA,
1912, Ideal Motor Car, Indianapolis

1931-1936 Stutz model SV16, 1931 rumbleseat cabriolet, 8 cyl. (11k photo)
1931-1936 Stutz model DV32, 1932 LeBaron convertible sedan, 8 cyl. (8k photo)
1931-1932 Stutz model LAA, 6-cyl.
1931 Stutz model MB 40, 145" wheelbase 7-passenger sedan, 8 cyl. (18k photo)
1930 Stutz model M, dual cowl phaeton, 8 cyl. (65k), boattail speedster (15k) and 4-door sedan by Wayman Varsi (13k)
1929 Stutz model M, boattail speedster, 8 cyl. (17k), side view (11k) and convertible coupe (17k)
1928 Stutz BB, boattail speedster, 8 cyl. (50k), roadster (35k) and town car (21k)
1927 Stutz AA, 7-passenger brougham, 8 cyl. (40k), front view (37k) and Le Mans boattail speedster (14k)
1926 Stutz AA, touring, 8 cyl. (20k), roadster (10k) and rear view (9k)
1925 Stutz 695, 4-door sedan (26k) and rumbleseat roadster by Weyman (18k)
1918 Stutz Bearcat, 4-passenger touring, 4-cyl. (18k) and roadster (15k)
1917 Stutz Bearcat, roadster, 4-cyl. (18k)
1915 Stutz Bearcat, (45k) and rear view (41k)
1913 Stutz, roadster, 60hp, 4-cyl. (43k)
Production numbers: ?.
Photos are from:
Hemmings Motor News,
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