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18k WW2 photo of Steyr 250, Greece75k WW2 photo of Steyr 250, France80k WW2 photo of Steyr 250, Greece
Steyr 250

Years of production: 1938-1940
Overall production: 1200
4x2 5-seater front motor rear wheel drive
military car with collapsible curtain-type
Body type: kuebelwagen
Engine: 25hp/?rpm, petrol, boxer 4-cyl. SV, 4-stroke, 1158cc
Compression ratio: 5,8 : 1
Bore/Stroke: 64/90mm
Carburettor: Solex 30 BFRH
Battery: 12V, 40 A*h
Generator: 95 W
61k III 1941 photo of Steyr 250, Balkan31k WW2 photo of Steyr 250, Catania, Italy17k WW2 photo of Steyr 250Spark plugs type: ?, ?mm
Cylinder firing order: ?
Cooling: water, thermosyphon
Clutch: single plate, half-wet
Length: 4100 mm, width: 1680 mm,
height: 1870 mm
Wheelbase: 2600mm
Frame: box-profile
69k WW2 photo of Steyr 250, Oise river, France37k 8 XII 1939 photo of Steyr 25040k WW2 photo of Steyr 250, Poland or RussiaFront wheel track: 1380 mm
Rear track: 1340 mm
Road clearance: 200 mm
Turning radius: 6 m
Gearbox: 4 speed + 2-speed transfer box
IV - 4,83; III - 2,98; II - 1,73; I - 1,00; rear - ?
Transfer box ratios: highway: 1,00; off-road: 2,45
64k WW2 photo of Steyr 250 WH-18174355k WW2 photo of Steyr 250, Belfort, France20k WW2 photo of Steyr 250, FranceRear axle ratio: 6,29
Front suspension: half-elliptic leaf-springs
Rear suspension: quarter-elliptic leaf-springs
Brakes: hydraulic, all-wheel
Weight: 1050 kg
Maximal speed: 75 km/h
Tyres: 5,25x17 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 46 Ltr
51k WW2 photo of Steyr 250 WH-181743Fuel consumption: 11,5 Ltr/100km (highway)
Cooling system capacity: ? Ltr.

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