Oldtimer gallery. Cars. USA pre-1932 makes. Stevens-Duryea.
1922-1927, Stevens-Duryea Motors Inc.
1919-1922, Stevens-Duryea Inc.
1915-1919, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co.
1904-1915, Stevens-Duryea Company
1901-1904, Stevens Arms and Tool Co. of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, USA.

1913-1914 Stevens-Duryea model CC, 1913 7-passenger touring, 50hp, 6-cyl. (29k photo)
1903-1905 Stevens-Duryea model L, 1903 4-passenger roadster, 7hp, 2-cyl. (10k photo)
Photos are from:
The Highway One Classic,
Hemmings Motor News.
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