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1899-1930, F. B. Stearns Co., Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

1928 Stearns-Knight, 4-door sedan from New Zealand (89k and 73k photo)
1928 Stearns-Knight, speedster, 46 built (14k photo)
Photos are from:
Trader Online.
Lesley & Paul O'Connor, Christchurch, New Zealand. This nice 1928 sedan was restored by and belongs to Reg O'Connor, father of Paul. This car is for Sale (on 22 VI 2001).
These are strings from Lesley:
Most Stearns Knights of this era were seven seater bodies. Our one is a five seater known as Body Series no.1. After 30 years of research Pauls father cannot find another in the 'world'. The vehicle is powered by a sleeve valve six cylinder (Knight) motor.
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