Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. Springcycle scooter.
1938 - 1942, United States Spring & Bumper Co., Los Angeles, California, USA.
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Springcycle, 4-stroke aircooled 1-cyl. L-head Lauson motor, 40mph
  Solo and DeLuxe Solo (with speedometer, light, horn and special paint job)
    Model 75S, 3/4hp, Standard Solo
    Model 76D, 3/4hp, Deluxe Solo
    Model 175S, 1hp, Standard Solo
    Model 176D, 1hp, Deluxe Solo
    Model 275S, 2hp, Standard Solo
    Model 276D, 2hp, Deluxe Solo
  Pickup (towing by the car equipment) and Delivery (box over the rear wheel)
    Model 177SD, 1hp, Standard Delivery
    Model 178DD, 1hp, Deluxe Delivery
    Model 179SP, 1hp, Standard Pickup
    Model 180DP, 1hp, Deluxe Pickup
    Model 181SPD, 1hp, Standard Pickup Delivery
    Model 182DPD, 1hp, Deluxe Pickup Delivery
    Model 277SD, 2hp, Standard Delivery
    Model 278DD, 2hp, Deluxe Delivery
    Model 279SP, 2hp, Standard Pickup
    Model 280DP, 2hp, Deluxe Pickup
    Model 281SPD, 2hp, Standard Pickup Delivery
    Model 282DPD, 2hp, Deluxe Pickup Delivery
  3-wheel delivery
    Model 3-277S, 2hp, Three-wheel Standard
    Model 3-277SR, 2hp, Three-wheel Standard Reductor Drive
    Model 3-278D, 2hp, Three-wheel Deluxe
    Model 3-278DR, 2hp, Three-wheel Deluxe Reductor Drive
    1938 277k poster
    1939 250k poster
    1938 Standard Solo 275S, 300k photo, 258k photo, 121k photo

Photos and data are from:
Author's archive
OldMotoDude blog
OTTW - One Two Three Wheels.

Thanks for help to Jevgenii Pevzner, motorcycle historian, Moskva, Rossija.
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