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36k WW2 photo of S-6520k WW2 photo of S-65, USSR45k 11 X 1941 battle field photo, S-65, GAZ-AA and STZ-5, Vjazjma-Moskva, 11 Pz. Div.
S-65 "Stalinec"

Years of production: 20 VI 1937 - 1941
Overall production: 37626 units
agricultural heavy full-track tractor, but
mainly produced for the Red Army
Cab types: hard-top, open top
Main engine: own "M-17" 75hp/850rpm, straight 4-cylinder 4-stroke
Diesel, 13541cc
Bore/Stroke: 145/205 mm
Compression ratio: 15,5 : 1
Start engine: "V-20" 20hp/2200rpm, carburetter straight 2-cylinder
4-stroke, 1356cc
Bore/Stroke: 92/102 mm
35k WW2 photo of S-6524k WW2 photo of S-6548k WW2 photo of Stalinec S-65 and ZiS-6 tankCompression ratio: 4,6 : 1
Carburetter type: "GAZ-Zenith"
Length: 4086 mm, width: 2416 mm,
height: 2803 mm
Track (by tracks middle): 1823mm
Track width: 500 mm
Road clearance:
405mm (non-plunged spurs)
Turning radius: ? m
29k WW2 photo of S-65, Opel Super6, Riga27k WW2 photo of S-6525k WW2 photo of S-65? Volt electrics
Gearbox: 3 forward, 1 back
I - 2,28; II - 1,70; III - 1,19; rear - 3,24
x transmission ratio (17,32)
Rear sprockets drive
Steering: ?
Suspension: ?
55k 1941 photo of S-6543k WW2 photo of ZiS-5 and S-6534k WW2 photo of S-65Mechanical brakes
Weight: 11200 kg
Towing capacity: ? kg
Minimal/maximal speed:
forward - 3,60...4,85...6,95 km/h,
back - 2,50 km/h
Fuel tank capacity: 300 Ltr. - Diesel, 7,5 Ltr. - petrol
Fuel consumption: 220 g/(hp x h)
43k WW2 photo of S-65, Ford66k WW2 photo of S-6534k WW2 photo of left column: GAZ-AA, S-65, ZiS-5, Komsomolec, GAZ-M1Maximal ford depth: ? m
Maximal wall crossing height: ? m
Maximal trench crossing: ? m

One of few main artillery transporters in
the Red Army, especially in the first stage
of the war. Many of these vehicle have been captured and used by German Wehrmacht.

Photos and data are from:
83k WW2 photo of S-6577k WW2 photo of S-6549k WW2 photo of S-65eBay Deutschland.
Bart Vanderveen "Historic Military
Vehicles Directory", An After the Battle
publication, 1989.

56k WW2 photo of S-6543k WW2 photo of S-65 (left), S-60 (right)64k WW2 photo, S-65 of 10 Gren.Regt. of 9 Pz.Div., army group Mitte, Guderian24k WW2 photo of S-65

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