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39k WW2 photo of S-6049k WW2 photo of S-6058k WW2 photo of S-60
S-60 "Stalinec"

Years of production: 1 VI 1933 - 1937
Soviet copy of American Caterpillar 60
Overall production: appr. 69100
agricultural heavy full-track tractor, but
mainly produced for the Red Army
Engine: own 60hp/650rpm, carburetter straight 4-cylinder 4-stroke OHV, 18474cc
33k WW2 photo of S-6025k WW2 photo of S-6086k WW2 photo of S-60Separate cylinders
Bore/Stroke: 165/216 mm
Compression ratio: 3,96 : 1
Carburetter type: "Ensign-ChTZ"
Length: 4090 mm, width: 2395 mm,
height: 2770 mm
Track (by tracks middle): 1825mm
Track width: 500 mm
91k WW2 photo of S-6083k WW2 photo of GAZ-AA, S-60, Mercedes-Benz 170V38k WW2 photo of S-60Road clearance:
405mm (non-plunged spurs)
Turning radius: 4,09 m
6 Volt electrics
Generator type and power:
"GAU", 100 Watt
Gearbox: 3 forward, 1 back
Ratios: I - 2,28; II - 1,70; III - 1,19; rear - 3,24
30k WW2 photo of S-6046k WW2 photo of S-6041k WW2 photo of S-60x transmission ratio (15,57)
Rear sprockets drive
Steering: ?
Suspension: ?
Mechanical brakes
Weight: 9520 kg
Towing pintle capacity: I gear - 4450 kg; II gear - 3325 kg, III gear - 2320 kg
Minimal/maximal speed: 3,0...5,9 km/h
43k WW2 photo of S-65 (left), S-60 (right)31k WW2 photo of S-6062k WW2 photo of S-60 towing Krupp ProtzeFuel tank capacity: 309 Ltr. - ligroine, +
16 Ltr. - petrol (for engine start only)
Fuel consumption: ?
Maximal ford depth: ? m
Maximal wall crossing height: ? m
Maximal trench crossing: ? m

One of few main artillery transporters in the Red Army, especially in the first stage of the war.
15k WW2 photo of S-60Many of these vehicle have been captured and used by German Wehrmacht.

Photos and data are from:
Bart Vanderveen "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", An After the Battle publication, 1989.
eBay Deutschland.
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